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Renewal Application Form for Both Certified Dementia Care Manager CDCM® and Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP®

"One CADDCT Trainer Impacts The Quality of Care Provided by Thousands of Health Care Professionals, Front Line Staff and Students Who Provide Care to Our Most Vulnerable Elderly."  NCCDP Sandra Stimson CEO 


BE SURE TO SELECT THE CORRECT FORM - This Renewal Form is for US Residents Only

For International customers please go to - International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

If you are a CADDCT renew only your CADDCT because CDP is included in your renewal fee for CADDCT. Click here If you are a CADDCT and a CDCM you will need to renew both credentials.

If you are a CFRDT click here.


To begin the online renewal process please complete the form below. Your next renewal date will automatically pull up as you enter your first name, last name, certification number and email address. If any of this information has changed and you enter a different last name (as an example) this program will not find you in the database. In this even, please download the renewal form at

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