Certified Dementia Practitioner CDP Of The Year.

Deadline to Submit Nomination is November 1st

The program has provided individual recognition of those whose outstanding efforts have enabled the nominee to meet challenging standards of dementia care. The nominee will be selected by their peers and or management team because the nominee has provided meritorious examples of dedication, passion and transcendent delivery of the NCCDP Alzheimer’s disease Dementia Care curriculum standards through the nominee delivery of care to patients and their families. This nominee aspires to make a difference in the accomplishments and success of the patients, your customers. The NCCDP recognizes and honors the nominee both achievement and hard work in the field of dementia care.

The NCCDP CDP of the Year award is recognized as one of the Nation’s most prestigious awards in the field of Dementia care. This award provides both the nominator and the nominee the opportunity to be a catalyst that sets the standards for superb and outstanding dementia care.

Unlike other awards programs, the CDP of the Year Award recognizes the impact that the CDP has with the staff, as the use of their dementia education motivates their colleagues to set higher care goals with patient care. Additionally, the Certified Dementia Practitioner is able to meet the challenges of reaching beyond state and federal regulations regarding Dementia education and care. Through the nominees’ excellence in Dementia care, the nominee inspires a lifelong passion for their colleagues continued growth in patient care.

The NCCDP recognizes this stellar achievement.

Please print nomination forms.


Past Recipients of CDP of the Year: 2017 - 2018 -