Corporate Discount for Renewals.

Corporate Discount for Renewal Certifications:

Download Corporate Discount form

Corporations who are investing in the employees group renewal applications should download the renewal application and have each employee complete the renewal application. Please send the renewal applications (in their entirety) as a bundle to the:

NCCDP 55 Main Street, Suite 102 Sparta NJ 07871. We will email the renewal certification directly to each employee email address unless you specify otherwise. Since the corporation is paying for the renewals, you have the option of requesting that the certifications be emailed to you for distribution.

If you want a hard copy, there is an additional fee of $50.00 pp. In that case, please include a corporate letter that states the address and whose attention the new certifications are to be mailed back to for distribution. The corporate discount rate is $35.00 pp plus ($50.00 pp for hard copy) and a group shipping fee of $30.00.

Again, if we are emailing the renewal certification the cost is $35.00 pp and there is no shipping fee.

If paying by check, please make payable to the NCCDP. If paying by credit card, please include in a corporate letter the following information:
Type of Card such as Visa
Name on Card
Expiration Date
CSV Number
Billing address where the credit card bill is sent to.
Email address for receipt
Phone number and contact name
Amount to charge

If you have any questions please email

CDP renewal form

CADDCT renewal form

CDCM renewal form

1st Responder Dementia Trainer renewal form

1st Responder Dementia Trained renewal form