Registry of Certified Personal Care and Home Care Professional

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The NCCDP CPCHCP™ registry is listed by last name. Please enter the last name of the member you are looking for exactly as the name the member is known by.


The name you entered is not in our database. Please be sure to double check your spelling.

Notice: While certification promotes and maintains quality, it does not license, confer a right or privilege upon or otherwise define the qualifications of anyone in the healthcare field.

Human Resources: The NCCDP will not confirm or verify current membership / certification. Please ask your employee to provide the certificate document that shows they are current with their CPCHCP certification.

Listing in this directory does not constitute an endorsement, referral, or statement of qualification by NCCDP, nor does NCCDP screen or evaluate those listed. Users of this directory should determine for themselves the qualifications of any CDP, CADDCT, CDCM professional prior to utilizing his or her services. NCCDP is not responsible for the acts or omissions of any professional listed. If your name does not appear in the registry, please contact