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“Someday there will be a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. Until that day, continue with your dementia education. They deserve your best!”
Sandra Stimson NCCDP CEO


60% of people living with Alzheimer's Disease wander

70% will wander repeatedly

Watch this video from a former law enforcement officer who lived through a 22-year journey through Alzheimer's with his wife who wandered repeatedly.

Don’t be caught in a situation where you realize that someone with Alzheimer’s has wandered off and you don’t have any idea where they are.




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"Don't just meet the minimum state regulations regarding dementia education...exceed them!"

Lynn Biot Gordon, LCSW CDP CADDCT CFRDT CMDCP, Chief Operations Officer NCCDP

Sandra Stimson, CADDCT CALA, ADC, CDP, CDCM, Chief Executive Officer NCCDP