CDSGF® Evaluations

"I think highly of NCCDP for it has changed my life into being a passionate dementia practitioner. If you want to be knowledgeable about Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, NCCDP is the place to go. LONG LIVE NCCDP! "
Nancy Munyoki Muli

"great material that will help you in your career. it is so important to have up to date and clear information to help others. "
Carolyn Craig

" "
Megan Doran

"Excellent seminar! The information provided was practical, useful, and enlightening. "
Cecilia Netko-Riley

"The certification PowerPoint was great. It was self-explanatory and very detailed. "
Erica Dalton

"The site is very user friendly. All the certification requirements are well outlined and the response rate from the staff is great. "
Leslie Moore

"This will be a great asset to our company. We have two dementia units and caregivers are always looking for new ways to help. "
Ovida Walden

"It (training) is of value to me because i have been wanting to run a group at some of the hospitals that i have worked at and now i can with training. "

"Great benefit for caregivers and clients. "
Diana Wilks

"Very good and informative. I especially like the examples and the different responses one can use based on particular situations. "
Kathy Staub

"I wanted to have as much knowledge and guidance as I could before I began facilitating our support group. So this certification was very important to me to feel able to do this important job. "
Mary Odom

"Everything has been easily accessible and Sandra has been walking me through the process and has been so helpful. "
Sharon Flynn

"Great information and a lot of useful tips to be applied in your everyday work "
Brittany Wentz

"Alzheimer's disease is very near and dear to my heart and I am excited to start the support group to assist my patients. "
Melissa Denham



"Don't just meet the minimum state regulations regarding dementia education...exceed them!"

Lynn Biot Gordon, LCSW CDP CADDCT CFRDT CMDCP, Chief Operations Officer NCCDP

Sandra Stimson, CADDCT CALA, ADC, CDP, CDCM, Chief Executive Officer NCCDP