2013 Testimonials.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilled execution. It represents the wise choice of many" Author Unknown

Practitioner Definition

"Don't just meet the minimum state regulations regarding dementia education...exceed them!"
Sandra Stimson, CADDCT CALA, ADC, AC-BC, CDP

Train the Trainer Class
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Class
December 13th 2013
Nashville TN
Instructor: Sandra Stimson CALA ADC AC-BC CDP CDCM CADDCT
NCCDP Corporate Trainer 

"I appreciated the update regarding AD research, updated glossary of terms, I will draw upon the information from each module as applicable for care givers, particularly examples which will allow the staff to gain knowledge."
Patricia Caron MS CADDCT CDP Regional Vice President of Operations Morning Pointe Assisted Living

"Very informative, lots of resources introduced and can use to help me understand about managing common dementia issues, speaker provided clear picture of important matters that happens in different settings. Reality orientation, excellent communication strategy to earn patients trust and make them feel comfortable in order to help patient to participate in exercise program." Physical Therapist

"learned lots of extra tips and side bar notes that help with personal marketing as share marketing tips with others." Administrator
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Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Class
Raleigh NC
December 10th 2013
Instructor: Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CDT CADDCT CDCM
NCCDP Corporate Trainer

"Learning about the marketing aspect was very helpful to feel prepared to be successful. Information was well organized. I learned ways to help staff at LTC facilities improve their ability to provide good person centered care. Learning the skills to help them improve their knowledge. Improving the quality of life for our residents in LTC. Provide training to as many facilities as possible in NC."
Cindy Englert MA CDP
Regional Ombudsman Centralina Area on Aging

"I learned about -How to allot time for each chapter, how to charge, setting rates, different resources available to you, very helpful, how to determine what you want to do with your instructor certification, how to obtain ceus if you going to offer them, how to approach end of life issues, be up front, loved it How to approach subject of sexuality and to be respectful, marketing ideas extremely helpful."
Sarah Emmons RN CDP CADDCT
Assistant Director of Clinical Services
Parkview Nursing and Rehab Center  

"Interventions on various dementia related topics. Very helpful information on sexuality, programming, dining." Social Worker Activity Professional

"The presenter kept the entire seminar interacting with each person there. She kept the audience engaged. I learned honestly, that a person can die from Alzheimer's disease. This is information that I can take back to my patients and family." RN

"Everything was good." Nurses Aide

"Danielle was very prepared. Reinforced much of the knowledge of I have and increased it significantly." LPN

"Instructor was able to relate topics to real life situations. The whole day was interactive, we were allowed and encouraged to speak, ask questions and offer advise to other participants. Wide range of topics were covered, felt each topic was well covered.   Effective communication, person centered care, behaviors, excellent tips and tricks in each topic, particularly with being in a facility or things to tell the caregiver. Thank you for so much wonderful class and very well presented." Certified Senior Advisors, Family and community relations director 

"I was pleased that the seminar polished what I already knew. I learned and became more interested in intimacy and sexuality in aging."  Activity Professional

"There were so many areas that would be beneficial on home visits for aids for families. I learned that I am on the right track with person centered care. I learned of another type of dementia. I learned many things and many things were validated that we already are doing. I also learned new ideas for programming. such as activities." Activity Professional

"I enjoyed the education pertaining to emotional memory. I learned about elopement procedures, our center will start to develop, family orientation will start regularly scheduled family oriented, New activities, bird feeding activities, I need to be asking, what disease is causing the dementia, genetic testing is available, need to get more person centered information at initially,. RN

" Great seminar, lots of information, can take home information and learn more, hard to get off for 2 days, much education needed for caregivers, staff, need to write some better policies, love the feeling group. absolutely great meeting, cant wait to take the Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer class and my life's mission to share knowledge.  DON 

"I was pleased in the amount of information received, and the web sites that was provided. Setting up a memorial service is something that stuck with me. In my facility it was very much hush hush." Activity Professional.


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Orlando Florida

"Presentation style was clear and informative. Information was very helpful for all staff and topics in order that built upon one another. I learned specific tips and examples were useful in thinking about different situations and are relatable to my facility. The experience and knowledge base of the presenter is helpful in stimulating more creative ideas for how to best work with my staff and improve the quality of my life of my residents."
Rev Linn Possell M Dir MS CDP CADDCT Resource Coordinator Autumn House

"I was very pleased with the volume of resources given." LPN Assisted Living Administrator

"Held my interest, informational, Resources, tactics, and best practices when dealing with dementia and Alzheimer's clients." Geriatric Care Manager

"Sandy was wonderful. Refreshed my knowledge of Alzheimer's disease and dementia's much more. Excellent training." Geriatric Care Manager

"Very informational. Plan to pursue the train the trainer class." Nursing Home Administrator Social Worker

"I liked the information on the numerous resources. The information presented reinforced my knowledge of dementia's. I liked the activity ideas." Social Worker

"It was very pleasant. I liked the different activity ideas and all the resources." Nurse's Aide


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class Corporate Training
Goerlich Center
November 12th 2013
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Lynn Biot Gordon

"This was very informational and enjoyable. Thank you for this day!" CTRS
"Very relevant content. Learned specific information on wandering." Administrator
"Thank you for your expertise!" DON
"I liked the stories. I learned more specific dementia information. I will use to train the staff." RN

Hi Sandra,
I just wanted to say thank you again for your presentation on Nov 1st.  I looked quickly over all the evaluations and there was much satisfaction with your presentation and with you!  So thank you again, it was lovely to meet you and perhaps we will do this again one year.  Sandra, you mentioned that we could get free downloads on some other articles, so we have to join Nccdp first in order to do that?

Maureen Etkin
Regional Consultant, CentralWest
Mississauga, ON


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Class
San Francisco Airport
October 19th 2013
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon

"Pleased with content. The resources listed will be a hue benefit to leading my staff and offering ongoing relevant in-services." Assisted Living Administrator

"I was very pleased through out the whole seminar. I learned a lot about activities and wandering. I learned some valuable lessons." CNA

"Never stop nurturing the spirit (I learned). I learned about Scent log." LPN

"I learned about activities." Administrator

"I was pleased with all of the modules. I will apply everything! Thank you Lynn, I want more classes with you!" CTRS


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar and
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
September 26th 2013
Columbus Ohio
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP

"The entire seminar was informative and very worthwhile. All employees should attend the seminar. I learned different strategies and approaches to caring with those with Alzheimer's and dementia. Also validated what I already knew. The care of the Alzheimer's resident should be person centered with all staff members  participating in the care plan."
Angie Kadowaki CDP 
Corporate Life Director American House Senior Living

" Speaker was extremely engaging and knowledgeable. She showed a lot of inspirational compassion for the disease process. There was not a boring moment. I was pleased with the compassion of the instructor. A lot of times you attend a seminar and the instructor seems knowledgeable but burnt out and is disinterested. I was pleased this was not the case. My favorite topics were elopement, wandering, sexual because I learned a lot about differences and the correlations between depression and dementia."  
Christina Casper BSW SSD CDP
Alzheimer's Program Director
Green Valley Care Center
Life Care Centers of America

"Danielle was excellent and knowledgeable presenter. I learned a lot about the psychological aspects and I will present this to our staff."
John J Dziewit MS CRC LMHC CDP
President CEO
Venture Forthe Inc

"Pleased with the sexuality section -it is becoming prevalent issue and needs to be addressed. Presenter was direct and did not tip toe around it. The train the trainer piece was all new information and will be implemented in my upcoming training sessions."
Kristen Morelli BS ADC CDP
Memory Care Program Manager

"The instructor is very knowledgeable of the topic and has a good technique of teaching. I learned when you know better you do better."  
Teresita S Miller RN CDP
Unit Manager of Memory Care

"After going through the program and sitting on 4 CDP programs and worrying with be repetitious, it was very informative and Learned different techniques. Danielle held my attention and kept it fun. I learned about ceus, record keeping and different seminars offered."
Daphne Massaro CDP
Adult Day Program Director
Community at Parkvue

"Thank you very much! Very personal and I enjoyed the heartfelt personal experiences. I enjoyed the entire day. Appreciate the visual presentations and kept our interest all day. I felt the personal connection. great day. I appreciate the honest on sincerity. The material is so helpful. I feel very confident on my 1st journey of presenting. Looking forward to educating employees where I work. I am going to implement information at facility. 
Tonya West LSW CAD CDP
Director of Resident Services
Mery McCauley Center

"Enjoyed all the materials, books, etc. Appreciated personal stories provided. Loved the specific ideas, ex fruit in water, pitcher or container to make more appealing, etc."
Annette Casey LNHA CDP
Oakwood Village

"Thanks for the organized content and format. Resources such as sensory room."
Amy Krug CDP

"I appreciated receiving the materials needed to teach the course. I appreciate the many facets of Alzheimer's Disease and dementia care that are included and the thorough way it is covered. The tips on trainings related to being a trainer."   
Nancy Van Wyk RN RAC-CT CDP
Hearthstone Ministry of Wesley Life 

"I really enjoyed the seminar and listening to Danielle speak. She has a lot of experiences to share which adds a personal component to the course. I stayed engaged and interested the entire time. I learned how to better hand behaviors with residents with dementia and will be able to take this information and knowledge with me to the facility I work for and share with the employees."
Jennifer Allred RN CDP
Unit Manager
Normandy Manor

"The seminar was very interesting! The content of this seminar can be easily applied to my practice. The train the trainer content is new and will be used to educate others in dementia care."
Sherrie Ingles RN BAS CDP

"Danielle obviously has practical as well as education experience to support her speaking. She is dynamic and engaging. I loved the story about the facility creating a room for a male resident that included a single bed and dresser to remind him o his wife and what he was accustomed to at home."
"Margaret Pilgram RN CDP
Director of Learning and Development
Home Instead Senior Care

"The seminar was very reality based with a very human touch. It was functional learning not just academic. I learned new information regarding wandering and safety as elopement happens."
Deanna Kelly Rieser CDP
Professional Geriatric Care Manager
Mentors in Eldercare

The presenter was well educated, had great practical experience and was very realistic. She obviously is passionate about this field. I learned with wandering and elopement concerns will be able to implement specific ideas for problems exits in our building."  RN

"The presenter had personal and professional experience with Alzheimer's and dementia and offered great examples, stories, ways to remember certain tactics, etc. I took something from each chapter / part of this training. I have learned too much to put on this paper." Social Worker

"Excellent!  Pleased with person centered aspects. Interventions for behaviors and non pharmacological approaches. How to incorporate person centered care into front line staff's mentality." RN

"The fact that they never lose their problem solving skills. I learned a lot of different activities to do with my residents." Activity Professional

"Forum was very open and honest. I learned that behaviors I have observed in day to day work is easier to understand and I feel I can improve my approach to care of my residents." Nurses Aide


Iron County Medical Care Facility
September 25th and 26th 2013
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC A-BC CDP CDCM

"The presentation was well organized and presented in a very professional manner. The speaker was very knowledge le in the area of dementia care. The personal stories and experiences that she shared brought realism to the entire training. The train the trainer presentation helped to prepare me to provide Alzheimer's disease and dementia training. The seminar prepared me to provide the training to other health care professionals. It taught me to look at all aspects of the person to fully understand how this disease has impacted his or her life by understanding the social aspects including past history the caregiver will be able to gain a personalized plan of care for the dementia residents. This training will open new opportunities for us as trainer and consultant." Jill Nocerini Nurse Practitioner

"I am thrilled with the person centered care initiative that was presented. I am pleased that people suffering with dementia and Alzheimer's are being seen as individuals and no longer just a disease. I have learned just how it can happen. I plan on working hard to build a team of caregivers that will practice what I have learned today and continue to educate myself for the improved care of our residents." Erica Tarter Trainer 

"Instructor was extremely precise and gave excellent ideas o how to better our facility. Very pleasant and educational. I learned more ways to better care and control behaviors of our residents. How just some simple changes offered to our resident care better their over all health. Eating habits, social interaction etc, can improve." Jody Sliva Trainer 

"I found the whole seminar a great learning experience, it was done at a steady pace with real life situations mentioned which helped to visualize how to put everything in effect. New ideas to keep behaviors from escalating, will use them myself so others can see for themselves that they can work." RN

"I learned elopement risks and putting up signs on the door "stop for the safety of our residents please insure the door is closed" Nurse's Aide

"I loved the whole thing. Very educational. Kept us well informed and made time pass quickly. How to diffuse situations like when they are in a different time." Nurses Aide

"It was great. How to cue a resident needs based on behaviors, Possible ways to reduce behaviors I learned." Nurses Aide 

"It was all awesome. I really like taking the time with the residents suggestion it is really important." Nurses Aide

"All support services that maintenance and housekeeping can contribute to the success of the dementia problem. I learned multi task that will help secure facilities to avoid elopement and facilitate a better tracking of the resident. Protecting dementia wards and enhancing safety to contribute to decorations that would stimulate dementia resident in the facility. Director of Physical Plant

"I was pleased with knowledge. Be positive, take your time, think of there feelings, talk clearly and direct about things." Nurses Aide 

"I liked the fact you started out with the fundamentals different types of dementia and that idea that not all residents are the same. The fact that you worked in the industry and was able to relate to our work day really helped connect with the audience. I learned to never stop learning." Nurses Aide

"Nothing was disappointing. I liked all of the examples of services. I liked the different web sites to further support our learning." RN

I was pleased to hear techniques of how to react to a patient who is look for a deceased family member or friend. I learned various approaches for different residents; redirection techniques or how to deal with resident behaviors." LPN  

"I found the whole seminar very interesting. Couldn't pull out just one area of it. How to be a more productive aide towards my residents." Nurses Aide

"I learned how to respond better to residents repetitive questions, not to use wet signs and use better cleaning ways." House Keeper

"I learned about web sites, resources, put yourself in their reality." Nurses Aide

"I liked all of the examples she gave and related course materials to real life experiences and examples. Also the activities helped keep my interest. How to handle situations involving residents with dementia Alzheimer's and also what not to do." RN

"It was very informative. I have learned to better communicate with Dementia Alzheimer's residents." COTA

"Speaker was knowledgeable, i learned different ways to talk to the residents." LPN  

"Suggested many references to use! Too much information. Activity ideas for more live feed sites." Activity Professional

"Learned how to properly look for a resident who elopes. Learning about dementia" Nursing Aide

" I really enjoyed the entire seminar. There was so much information. I just wish we had more time to talk about specific behaviors and interventions. Great presentation. Thank you so much." Social Worker

"The specific details in different scenarios was fantastic all the wonderful ideas have really motivated me . Thank you! I have 25 years of experience and I found this fresh and new. How to creatively redirect residents and how to understand behavior that is really attempting to communicate. " Activity Professional

"Presentator was knowledgeable and attention grabbing and fun. You always have to be patient with the resident. " Nurses Aide

"Liked all of the seminar." Nurses Aide

"Sandy was amazing. I learned so much, I learned different ways to approach staff" RN

"I enjoyed all aspects of this seminar and I found it very informational. I am eager to check out all the resources provided and use some of the tools that were brought to us." Nurse's Aide

"I learned how to respond to sexual behavior and what not to say. I learned how to approach residents and what to say when trying to find out what they need when they can't communicate well." PTA

"I learned different ways to communicate with dementia residents." LPN

"I loved it. I am so excited to implement these tools into our daily activity program. And share things we have learned. I learned new ideas to use with those with dementia. I loved the approaches and suggestions. This is going to be so helpful in seeing each one of our residents for the individuals they are." Activity Professional

"I learned better ways to redirect residents with dementia." Nurse's Aide

"I learned how to handle the residents with dementia and how to redirect behaviors." Activity Professional

"The whole seminar was very informative in all aspects. I learned more about how to understand the residents better and how to help them get what they need wen they can not communicate."  Nurses Aide 

"I enjoyed the different interventions for behaviors. I learned to identify cues." Activity Professional

"I was pleased with the entire seminar. I learned so much from you and thank you so much for the training. I learned that there are many different ways to approach different situations that happen on dementia units. Also that as a CNA it is ok to approach the family on our own and not just up to the nurses and higher staff. Also it was very insightful to see all of the different options we have while working with our residents." Nurses Aide 

"I love the parts that informed us about further training to protect us. I learned that ball toss is a horrible way to spread germs. I just know the residents loved to play it." Nurses Aide

"Pleased with emphasis on creative communication skills. Very much appreciated all fo the resources, articles and links to appropriate web sites to augment presentation." RD

"Look forward to checking out the numerous web sites for additional information. I learned so many different things today. I look forward to implementing them. I feel more comfortable now knowing the do's and don'ts . I realize i have so much to learn. I look forward to doing so. Anxious to interact with the residents in a whole new light. Thank you so much" RN   

"Everything was well presented there is a lot to teach. I enjoyed everything and learned a lot. Being a CNA, I learned many things on how to care differently for my residents. I also realized that I am already doing some of these things Sandy taught us." Nurse's Aide 

"I found all of the information very useful. Especially the communication part. I learned how to better communicate with residents and how they feel when certain things happen." Nurses Aide 

"Personal stories from the speaker entertaining and educational. I learned a few more ways to help keep the peace. Any new suggestions are helpful." Nurses Aide

"I enjoyed the entire seminar. Very thorough and interesting with excitement and understanding. All the information will be applied to daily work. Many topics such as sexual and rights topics were very interesting." Nurses Aide

"I learned communication was very important, making sure that what we are trying to say is what we are saying." Dietary Manager

"I loved being able to see examples and being able to laugh and seeing what a dementia person understands. I learned about wandering, elopement, get into their reality, medications. I definitely loved how simple things can make a person feel more comfortable like baby dolls (nursery) rocking chairs. It kind of changes my mind how I can help calm a resident and make them happy. Nurses Aide

"I really enjoyed it, very informative, loved the presentation." RN

"I was very pleased with the entire program gained a lot of knowledge. We need to work on our elopement plan and wandering." RN

"I learned a lot. I am so glad I received this training. It really made me realize what I was doing wrong." Nurses Aide

"I found out they was a lot of information out there that I did not know and this seminar showed me and I learned different things. I learned a lot of hands on to do with the residents." Nurses Aide

"So much valuable information. I hope our facility implements all the information. As a CNA I plan on using all the materials I learned today." Nurses Aide


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
September 17th 2013
Instructor: Sandra Stimson CALA ADC AC-BC CDP CDCM
NCCDP Corporate Trainer

"It was so convenient to be able to discuss on the phone. It was easy to follow with the instructor. They gave you step by step easy to understand explanations and ideas. It was great marketing experience for me. It gave me great ideas on how to promote my love of educating people about people with dementia. It was very helpful." 
Joan Kyttle DON CDP Hidden Meadows on the Ridge

"I was very pleased about the plentiful information I received. Curriculum was useful and very specific information as well, particularly how to set up a successful presentation. I learned that I am not necessarily an expert in this field but merely an educator. I feel that knowing this will give me some of the confidence to present and further research this topic more effectively."
Christopher Roche MS CRC LMHC CDP
Clinical Director Venture Forthe, Inc


Hi Sandra,

Thanks for all of the energy that you put forth to train us last Thursday. I appreciate it! All of the tools that you gave me are working properly. I will responsible for training the staff at Golden Living - Lexington and look forward to the challenge. I promise to be in touch when questions arise. I was able to sign up for the instructor only section of the website and received a quick response.

Thank you,


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class & Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
September 10th 2013
Philadelphia PA
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP

"I was pleased with the work and personal experiences of the trainer and sharing them.
Roxanne Sallurday PCHA CDP Personal Care Administrator Amber Terrace

"The depth of the materials presented. The speakers ability to mesh personal professional experiences with didactic materials."
Gail Weatherill RN BSN CDP Director of Nursing Services Martha Jefferson House

"The suggestions on possible ways to market programs, structure for different audiences and working with various agencies in collaborating ways were very helpful. I am walking away with some good ideas of how I can possibly bring this training to university students majoring in various health professions.
Rhonda Nelson Ph.D CTRS CDP Associate Professor Temple University

"I enjoyed the entire seminar and learned a great deal. All aspects of becoming a trainer and how to market myself and my company."
Diane Granger CDP CDCM ADC Private Trainer and Consultant
Granger Training and Consulting

"Practical ideas and resources especially the noise audit" Administrator

"Good refresher of validation and suggestions for activities. Great ideas especially for activities and resources that I am anxious to go home and investigate." RN

"I do a lot of training of my staff and presentation to groups. I will use the information in presentation." President of Golf Coast Dementia Services.

"The speaker was very personable and knowledgable. I learned the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's and new techniques dealing with the elderly." Nurses's Aide

"Pleased with how well organized, great ideas and good presenter was very engaging. I learned about rummaging and dining area." Assisted Living Administrator

"Presenter hit on every aspect of what I have encountered with my residents" Nurses Aide

"Good information. I learned about precise assessments to include individualized preferences beyond standard assessments." CTRS

"The way things were explained in general I liked. I learned more knowledge about techniques to imply and share with the co-workers." Nurses Aide

"I brushed up on the skills I  was taught years ago. Better ideas for activities (I learned). I learned about rummage ideas, imprint of shoes, scent on the socks (for elopement)" Nurses Aide

"I learned about sexuality. I did not know that there is no specific training on this topic. I will send information to my regional on getting someone to teach on this topic." Memory Care Assisted Living Administrator

"I enjoyed hearing real life stories and stories and information that focused on reminding us that individuals with dementia Alzheimer's are all humans and should be treated that way. I love person centered care. I learned new adaptions, activities, approaches to tray and apply at my specific facility in the near future. I highly enjoyed Danielle's presentation, professional and brought life to a long day. CTRS   

"I really found all of the information very helpful and useful. I learned how to meet the individual residents needs to promote better emotional care." LPN

"The whole seminar was pleasing. I learned about assessment tools and wandering tools." Assisted Living Administrator 

"I liked the discussion of cultures and different activities to try." Nurses Aide

"I don't usually straight line score a speaker however this speaker was great (gave all 5 top scores). I learned to go to where the person is and not have them come where you are." Nursing Home Administrator

"Very informative" Administrator

"I enjoyed the speaker sharing personal experiences that tied in with the topics. I learned to motivate myself to encourage other staff to go forward with the change of environment to create a home like atmosphere" Activity Professional

"Kept my interest, very informative, learned a lot."Nurses Aide

"I was pleased to hear that my feelings and expectations were valued and how to cope with these feelings was within my grasp. The spiritual care segment was excellent. That not all behaviors are the result of the disease but the inability to communicate a need as we are use to having needs communicated. Everything was excellent. She was awesome."  Nurses Aide

"I speak to families, professionals and train care staff so it was great to get some extra articles and a binder of information." Regional Business Development Marketing

"Very informative,kept it interesting, handouts helpful, informative for staff training." CTRS


Train the Trainer
East Windsor NJ
September 12th 2013
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA AC-BC ADC CDP CDCM

"As an education, researcher and presenter I found the seminar content to be specific and current and imparting the further development of integration into the baccalaureate curriculum. As an educator, the excellent examples of policies and practices will be enfolded into the facilitation of the educational of licensed and unlicensed gerontological health care professionals. Excellent course materials and presentation. Thank you!"
Dr Susan Neville PhD RN CDP Chairperson Nursing NYIT

"As a nursing educator this seminar enhanced and expanded my knowledge of cognitively impaired elders that will contribute to improving the practice of nurses and care givers for older adults. As a presenter my awareness of the caregiver dynamics has sparked an area of interest to explore research and publish so benefit health care professionals."  
Dr. Maureen P Cardoza Ph.D RN CDP Assistant Professor New York Institute of Technology
School of the Health Professions Old Westbury NY 

"Please to receive all of the information of the modules and reviewed the ways to present them to the staff. It was very well given. The sexuality component and how important it is for staff and residents."
Kelly Holmes RN CDP CDCM Memory Care Community Director Miller Care Community

"As an educator I was particularly pleased with the overall presentation and knowledge base of the instructor and presentation skills"
LaShawn Wilcoxson RN CDP Director of Staff Development Duncaster Caleb Hitchcock

"I was pleased to participate in the role play which provided visual, verbal communication that can easily be used to train the staff. I specifically learned that this seminar provides F-tag information to provide support documentation to administration as we work together to provide the best living environments."
Shirline Ho LPN ADC CDP Recreation Specialist Bergen Health Care Center

As the director of Clinical Operations for the Natick VNA as well as a former educator I appreciated all the links and hand outs and wealth of information from the speaker. She was motivating and engaging to the seminar participants. As the Director of Clinical Operations for the Natick VA the comprehensive information I received will be invaluable with training my staff. The modules on repetitive behaviors, hoarding and aggressive behaviors were of particular interest since we se these in home care."
Patricia Bollinger-Blanc BSN Med RNBC CDP Director of Clinical Operations
Natick Visiting Nurse Association

"As a life enrichment coordinator for a continuous care retirement community I ws very pleased with how comprehensive this training was. I learned many techniques that I can share with staff at my facility. The nature of the presentation allows for an easy transition to give to employees at various levels from direct care to executive levels."
Lisa Clerman CTRS CDP Life Enrichment Coordinator Vantage House

"I am particularly interested in all of the resources that I will now be able to review and utilize. As an assistant nursing home administrator I will be taking this information back to train the staff at Golden Living Center and to help implement some of the practices on the Alzheimer's Care Unit."
Carol Kapolka MSM LNHA CDP Assistant Executive Director Golden Living Center

"A greater understanding of hoarding and repetitive behaviors. Tremendous resources in addition to a great curriculum that so many will benefit from. As an OT that specializes in dementia, I felt validated listening to the seminar and presenter. The training materials will help me reach so many care givers."
Caroline Kate Keefe OTR/L DCCI CDP Senior Health Services Director of Resident Life


Alzheimer's Dementia Seminar
Sept 12 2013
East Windsor NJ
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA AC-BC ADC CDP CDCM

"I found this seminar wonderful. I would love to further my training to become a trainer. I feel empowered to go back to my facility and make some changes."  CTRS

"The whole seminar pleased me. I learned so much." CTRS

"Very informative. I learned more about my position in the activities field than I realized. I learned how my residents feel, I know what I need to do to continue on my path to further my education."
Activity Professional

"I learned how behind in the times my nursing home is and the new approaches I have learned." CTRS

"I learned new interventions to provide." Social Worker

"Pleased with the training information and nothing disappointed me. I learned different approaches to meaningful activities." CTRS

"I learned about nutrition and activities." Activity Professional

"I was very pleased on how to conduct a resident when agitated. I learned about self actualization. Help residents to boost their self esteem." Activity Professonal


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Health Care Association of Michigan / Michigan NADONA  
August 1st 2013
Lansing Michigan

"The curriculum is frequently updated to assure that the information is current. I was very happy with the tools presented at the program for me to utilize in any training I present. I was very happy with the information on support groups and the resources directory. The  information presented will add to my database."
Marwood Nursing and Rehab

"This seminar was very comprehensive, covering all the aspects of the patient / resident with dementia. The myriad of supportive information from books to articles to clinical practice tools was all unexpected benefit. I learned about the many links and tools on the NCCDP web site which will be very helpful both in practice and in teaching dementia in the SNF's, assisted living, clinic and hospital settings which I practice. Very good down to earth information to add to the clinical information I teach to medical and nursing students and medical residents" 
Mary C Keane GNP-BC CDP
Associate Director of Geriatrics
CMU Health  

"I appreciated the detail and content so well organized and presented in a way that was clear and interesting. I am looking forward to visiting the web sites and obtaining more education through all the resources shared. I learned how to use effective techniques and communication when assisting a dementia patient in order to make the patient feel important and increase their quality of life." 
Lori Hanover BSW CDP
Manager Social Worker
CMU Healthcare

"As an experienced gerontological nurse I appreciated the person centered focus and the practicality of the CDP training, and I may incorporate the EDGE tools. 
Quality Improvement Coordinator
Michigan NADONA

"In my role as DON I am pleased to say, I will implement and utilize this information on a daily basis to enhance the abilities of my staff and promote resident outcomes. It will further my abilities as a devoted educator in all aspects of the Dementia Care for residents, families and staff."  
Lynae Carson RN DON CDP
Saginaw Senior Care and Rehab

"I was particularly pleased with the Person-Centered Care approach to this training. As an educator, I appreciate the thoroughness in which you explained the training techniques, and challenged my personal growth. As a consultant and educator in long term care, I learned dementia care from the perspective of the person living with the disease. I also discovered new approaches to meeting the needs of the person with the disease and their caregivers, U experienced self reflection and paradigm shifting of my ideas and concept of the disease."  
Health Care Consultant Educator
Lebenbom and Rothman P.C.

'There were primary resources shared tat will be useful for the class as well as in practice. I learned useful tips and resources regarding communication and wandering."
Patricia McClees RN CDP CDON
Director of Nursing


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Class
July 9th 2013
St. Louis MO
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon

"Very comprehensive education for dementia care givers. As an Administrator I will use the knowledge I have gained in this seminar to further educate and improve care for our residents in the communities I come in contact with." Charles Borst Administrator 

"Very helpful, made me excited about providing dementia care in a manner that will improve quality of life." Nursing Home Administrator

"Loved the speaker examples and enthusium and I will be bringing information back (to where I work) OTR/L

I loved the interdisciplinary approach and focus that was presented. I learned more fundamental education of what dementia is to educate family with these principles." Rehab and Speech Language Pathologist

"absolutely felt the presenter was stimulating, funny and very knowledgeable.  I loved the types of
new terminology, references.  I intend to research. I learned a lot about drugs, depression and new topics." Assisted Living Administrator
" Very pleased that speaker maintained interest in group. Material relevant I learned new technology advances in the field, reminders on how the person with dementia feels and to rethink their communication attempts." CTRS


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Class July 9 2013 Denver Colorado NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA AC-BC ADC CDP CDCM

"I learned about dementia training skills" Social Worker

"Resources were incredible." Councelor

"Very informative speech, topics good information to take back to work." Thank you

"I enjoyed learning about the sensory room and all the web sites. I learned a lot about programs that can captivate as we'll as calm residents with dementia. I will implement some new programs. "Activity Professional / CNA

"Great job! I learned a lot. I learned a lot.I got lots of good ideas." Social Worker

"I was pleased with all the topics. I learned about depression, activities, behaviors, noise, end of life. This is a great seminar." Activity Professional

"I learned so much that will help me to succeed with the care of my residents and to teach my nursing staff and assistants how to care for and better deal with our residents. RN

"Pleased with updated information." Activity Professional

"Pleased with notebook. I learned new ideas for in home or in facility activities, how to prevent risks with wanderers." RN

"All the information was awesome. Very informative. I have been to a lot of workshops and dementia and still learned new information . I learned how nursing homes using censors.,Nurses aide

"Great seminar! Full of interesting facts that will be utilized." CNA

"I learned about end of life, behavior, activities, great presentation." CNA

"Loved the variety of topics, real life examples, learned more about techniques, working with dementia, elopement." Social Worker

"I learned practical interventions, suggestions for staff training, excellent binder of information" Councelor

"Presenter was very knowledgeable and passionate about topic. Held my interest the entire time. RN

" I appreciated the breadth of information covered and the fact you were prompt in your start and end times. It was helpful to learn about some of the resources available for dementia care and appropriate assessment tools.also appreciated the articles in the binder." RN

"Overall I was very impressed. So many ideas I am going to use. Assisted Living Administrator

"I loved specific information on wandering and also on dementia gardens." Counselor


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Pittsburgh PA
June 25th 2013
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP

"A clear practical way to be able to present and educate on a topic that is under discussed and addressed in  long term care."
Sara Health

"Danielle has a well rounded professional knowledge base from which she drew relevant examples and practical tips. I learned new tips for managing and dealing with behaviors and gained many new nuggets for making the message clearer to my audiences."
Clinical Operations Manager
Vista Care Centers

"Pointed out how important person centered care is, very good."
Julienne Brauen CDP
Cambridge Springs

"Pleasantly surprised by quality of presenter and interaction with students., I learned about the best way to present this material in a variety of settings."    
Charles Pilny MSN RN CDP
Staff Development / Quality Assurance Nurse
Just Like Family Home Care      

"Danielle's extremee knowledge provided a thorough presentation in all subject areas. Great level of detail about different types of dementia."
Kelly Ording CDP
Regional Director of Resident Programming
Watermark Retirement Communities

"Danielle was very well prepared and shared personal stories , great trainer, excellent., I learned clients are always problem solving." Counselor

"Really pleased with content of presentation. I learned to be respectful and considerate of culture, sexuality which are too often easily forgotten." Activity Professional

"Very pleased with overall material, was very interesting and very happy with whole seminar. Spread the knowledge to co workers about how to approach and interact with people with Alzheimer's also about how to create activities specifically for people with a form of dementia." Activity Professional

"Speakers sincerity with respect to the individual with Alzheimer's." Activity Professional

"Speaker good at keeping the room interested and making the topic fun." Assisted Living Administrator

"A lot of useful information. Every behavior provides for emotional and or physical need. Teaching my staff not to ignore." Counselor


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Charleston SC
June 20 2013
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Sandra M. Stimson CALA ADC AC-BC CDP CDCM

"The examples and stories presented made the materials more memorable and understandable. I particularly enjoyed the sections on repetitive behaviors, hoarding, intimacy and sexuality, activities. While I have been to programs on these topics in the past, I felt this program went much deeper and was not afraid to discuss these topics from a different angles not discussed before."
Janet Steiner  Gerontologist BS CDP
Director of Education Family Care Services  
 Brevard Alzheimer's Foundation

" Small group worked well for learning. Many good ideas to implement in programming for facilities." RN

" I need to help clients representatives evaluate the clients conditions." Owner Administrator 


NADONA Annual Conference
June 8th 2013 Pre Conference
Las Vegas Nevada
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar to become Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainers
Presenters: Sandra M Stimson CALA ADC CDP CDCM AC-BC
NCCDP Executive Directors 

"As a DON the information provided was not only relevant, it was eye openning and confirming. It has renewed my passion for dementia care. I can't wait to implement my new and re-vived skills!" 
NADONA President
Director of Nursing
Erickson Living

"The most comprehensive, up to date training course I have ever attended. The information was priceless. Every staff member from housekeeping to administrator should attend! Now that I am a certified trainer I can make that happen. (this seminar) Reinforced the importance of approach, environment and seeing the whole person. I have been teaching this to my staff for years. Now I have the tools to train them more efficiently."
Sebrina Walton RN CDP
Director of Nursing
Manoa Cottage Kimuki

"Extremely entertaining. Best information on Dementia ever attended. I completely stayed engaged. Excellent tools to educate facility and staff."  
Michael Bobbitt MSN RN CDONA CDP
Director of Nursing
Presbyterian Communities and Services 
"I am absolutely pleased of the training both Lynn and Sandra were terrific! They are the experts. The elopement, wanderer rules and regulations including tools and assessments were very crucial to our dementia care unit. Thank you!"
Rhodora "Dotts" Lacap RN BSN MS FACDONA CDP
Chief Nursing Officer
San Diego Health Care Center

"(I was pleased with) The speakers enthusiasm, tips for presenting, their experiences that were shared, loved the side stories and professionalism, spiritual aspects of the disease and sexuality issues."    
Jane Nunnelee PhD RN-BC GNP CDP
Coordinator of Gerontological Nursing Initiative
Baylor University LHSON

"The personal experiences of the speakers. As a DON I received valuable information to take back to my facility on caring for Alzheimer's and Dementia residents. It reminds me that caring for dementia and Alzheimer's residents is a true calling and not just a job."
Director of Nursing
Stanly Manor

"As an administrator, I plan to educate my staff in the treatment of dementia through love and understanding. I still say this is the absolute best training that I've had in my 17 years in long term care.Thank you for the tears."  
Julie Braswell RN NHA CDP
Genesis Health Care Alleghany Center

"As a national speaker, this presentation kept my attention. It made me laugh, cry, think and I am walking away with tools and ideas to implement and share with others. This program made me think about activity programs that work and those that must be revised or eliminated."
Wellness Director
Assisted Living Concepts INC.

"Was pleased to attend the CDP training again for a refresher. Would love to have more time such as a 2 day class. (I specifically liked) the things covered of specific areas of focus on. Love to teach and role play. I cant wait to be able to present this program to NCDONA, NADONA and others."
Director of Nursing

"No disappointments. Very well pleased with the information that was presented, the layout, the materials and the willingness of Lynn and Sandy to share their many resources. As an administrator believe it is essential that all staff need to understand what dementia really is, what its symptoms are, how to interact with our dementia residents. I also believe that once staff are given the tools to do their jobs at the top of their abilities, they exude a new enthusiasm and empathy and become more empowered to do more for our residents." 
Angela K Pauline NHA CRCFA CDP
Executive Director
Golden Living

"activities was very interesting. As a ADON I really enjoyed the seminar and have learned a lot on dementia and very entertaining and will take back all the knowledge to educate staff."
Vanessa Guerra LVN ADON CDP
San Juan Nursing Home

"The energy of the speakers was awesome. Very knowledgeable in the areas of presentation. (I will) attempt to have same energy and enthusiam and get all my staff to believe and practice" 
Carolyn San Miguel LVN CLTC RAC-CT CDP
San Juan Nursing Home 

"The entire seminar was very informative, intriguing and enjoyable. As a national speaker and presenter, I have to say Lynn and Sandra were at their best in providing The Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer program."  
Aysha Kuhlor RN BA CDONA CDP
Director of Clinical Services / Executive Director
Kuhlcare Staffing Inc

The section of activities pleased me
"Christina M Guerrero RN DON CDONA CDP
Director of Nursing 
San Juan Nursing Home

"As a DON and a Certified Trainer (Leading Age of Iowa) this is by far the best dementia training I have had in the 20 years as a Dementia Care Manager. All of the resources that's available through your web site, concept all staff are paid to smile and be positive. Bell choir for activity,, education and communication for famfilie the wonderful spiritual transformation outlook and view. The positiveness of the disease. Thank you so much.
Deborah Sue Koelln RN DON CDP
Director of Nursing
Perry Lutheran Home

"As an administrator at a CCRC I was pleased to see and learn more about cultural competence diversity. This is an important topic that is often forgotten and over looked. As an administrator I found the section on cognitive mapping to be valuable tool that many people communities are not using yet."
Peggy Farrington MPH MHA CDP
Piper Shores

"As a director, I found this seminar dynamic and touched every aspect of the dementia care and gave me such a awakening. Lynn and Sandy were amazing speakers who kept the group engaged through out! Frankly, the whole day did (I was pleased with). How ever the topic on being dynamic spiritual beings and how we can connect with our inner being even if wehave dementia and how to connect with them at every level.!!!
Sonya Thibeau LSW CDP
Community Health Services
Piper Shores 

"As a national speaker and leader in Senior Care, this program blended current information with real life day to day operations."
Elizabeth Brunner RN BS NHA CDP
Vice President Operations
Alden Management Services

"The content of the seminar was excellent and very real life and immediately applicable. The CMS information and links on various web sites will be an asset."
Everley Farquharson OTR/L CDP
Tropical Gardens Villas

"The importance of the spiritual aspect and the connecting of the two. As a speaker and trainer this seminar organized precise and extremely well presented. The materials are current and well documented. The presenters were vibrant, interactive and demonstrated much expertise in the dementia arena."
Sharonn J Bixler RN CDP
Nurse Consultant

"This seminar was jammed packed with information. As a presenter I was very impressed with the quality of this presentation. I laughed, I cried but I never fell asleep-not even a yawn. The resource list was the best thing. I learned a lot today, however I may not retain it all. The resource list will make it possible for me to refresh this lesson and enhance the learning experience."
Nurse Consultant
SAVE Medical 

"As a national speaker in long term care and dementia training, I found the course stimulating, informative and pushing the envelope with challenge, growth and learning opportunities for caring staff who support our dementia residents."
Assistant Professor
Armstrong Atlantic State University

"I loved the examples such as (eliminating) ball toss and I too agreed with the discussion. This lecture was very informative. All aspects discussed I have seen happening at the numerous nursing homes that I am a consultant for. Suggestions to deal with these issues were discussed. These chapters and examples were realistic and right on the mark. I thought it covered the entire aspects and all areas in the facility. Thank you"
Jane Marie P Cicchiello BS BSN MSN PMH NP-BC PhD CDP
Executive Director
Twilight Beginnings

"In depth knowledge of dementia care and interventions that can be used to improve the quality of life of our dementia residents. Specific interventions that can be used for resident centered care. This really opened my eyes. I will use the content to mentor my nurses and CNA's and certify dementia unit nurses." 
Bency Punnose RN DON WCC CDP
Director of Nursing
Meadow Green Nursing and Rehab Center

"Time flew by. Not a boring seminar. Sexuality finally out in the open. I learned about how to better inform the CNA staff. Especially concerning sound suggestions to prevent elopement, causes spelled out. We don't have elopement drills that are very specific." 
Caroline Podvin RN BS CDONA QMRP CDP
Interim Director of Nursing and Nurse Consultant
Tobin and Associates

"As both a licensed Clincial Social Worker and Nursing Home Administrator, I found this seminar to invoke a new appreciation for spiritual nature and celebration of dementia care. This seminar deepened my personal commitment to improve my practice. As a clinical social worker and caregiver support group leader, I learned a new way to help families "be" with their loved ones with dementia. I learned new approaches that I can put into action immediately."  
Christine Hegarty MSW NCSW CDP
Director of Social Services
River Woods

"I had no disappointments. As a DON, I want to speak to the heart of my direct care staff. I want to present the information in a way that speaks to the passion and privilege of caring for our dementia residents. Both Lynn and Sandy presented with such emotion and humor. I learned that it is absolutely key to present the information and curriculum in a way staff can relate to. Stories and situations, discussing scenarios and relationships that direct care staff can relate to." 
Linda Thurston RN CDP
Director of Nursing

"As the Vice President of health services at Riverwoods CCRC the knowledge gained at the NCCDP Alzheimer's dementia seminar Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer course is invaluable to providing quality dementia care that is person centered. The tools and resources provided particularly on communication and approach are necessary to successful dementia care. Training our staff with the Alzheimer's and Dementia care seminar will allow for improved outcomes for residents families and staff.
Cynthia Martin RN DON-CLTC CDP
Vice President of Health Services

"Sandy and Lynn were excellent. They are entertaining, engaging, knowledgeable. I would recommend them as the dynamic duo to all professionals in health care. As a national speaker, I found it particularly interesting to learn about depression vs dementia. It is amazing how misinformation exists around dementia. I plan to use my new information to educate as many people as possible. As a National speaker, I intend to use the knowledge gained in the communication section. I never realized how choosing the correct words has a significant impact on how someone with dementia will react. I will train my aides on better word choices and will suggest it to family caregiver as well."   
Valerie Neighbors CDP
Dynamic Healthcare Navigation 

"I was pleased with )Loved handout and material provided. the passion of the presenters, provision of numerous references sites and resources. I learned about new resources will be really advantageous ongoing self education, but more importantly to pass forward to those in active hands on in the facilities to give them more intervention possiblilites.".
Regional Hospice Clinical Educator
Texas/ Missouri Visiting Physicians Association's


NADONA Annual Conference
Las Vegas
June 8th 2013
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Presenters: Lynn Biot Gordon MSW LCSW CDP CADDCT
Presenters: Sandra Stimson CALA ADC AC-BC CDP CDCM
NCCDP Executive Directors

"The content and speakers were awesome. I learned that I have a lot to do and need a culture change at my facility" DON

" ( I was pleased with) The interactive sessions and active role playing. I will be able to use some materials when I give an In-service." DON  

"Very thorough Alzheimer's disease course." DON

"Sandy, Enjoyed your stories, especially the bird flipping. Enjoyed you as a speaker Lynn. This presentation by both speakers gave great examples and demonstrations, so those who are visual learners as well as audio learners were given the same consideration. Specifically learned now about interventions for dementia residents. Enjoyed having so many intervention to use to help with care planning. As well as activities to think about. Absolutely wonderful stuff!!! You have so many topics and enjoyed this seminar. Than you for including inappropriate sexual behavior as this behavior is increasing in LTC." DON

"Very well presented. Enjoyed it." DON

"Excellent speakers. Very knowledageable about the subject. Alzheimer's and dementia well explained. Im glad I attended this seminar which can apply to my work." RN

"(I learned about )Dementia assessment and other downloadable tools for our organization. clear, understanding and knowledge of dementia disease." ADON

"The presentation was excellent. The program is educational and informative. Excellent speakers. The class was lengthy but enjoyable and interesting. Excellent. I was pleased with information on Coping and handling stress of handling challenges of dementia patients." DON

"This seminar met all my expectations. Loved it!!!!! I'm sure I can apply all that I learned." DON

"I love the examples and scenarios. Very useful. How to handle a dementia resident and apply my knowledge binder to my family by teaching staff. " DON

"It was amazing. held my attention the entire day. (I learned) Many new activity ideas and communication" DON

"Very good, very enjoyable. I would love more information on 309 and 329. I learned many interventions that I hope will impact care." DON

"Great pre conference trainers. Thank you. Everything I learned helpful. As a DON, I feel strongly that we model what we teach." DON

"I enjoyed and learned so much but when we got behind it felt rushed." I liked all of it. Loved the activity ideas." DON  

"Very well presented. Valuable information. I learned how to deal with dementia residents and their families. Please offer train the trainer again" RN

"The content was great." DON   


Train the Trainer Seminar
Racine Wisonsin
May 30th 2013
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP

"Very much enjoyed and appreciated all the advice to be successful as a trainer and starting my own business. I enjoyed the flow and comprehensiveness of the materials. I enjoyed the personal stories. It reinforced my knowledge and provides me with an organized curriculum to set out and provide the training to others." Nursing Home Administrator

"Danielle was very enthusiastic and gave relative examples. I learned to train employees and families." Social Worker 


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Racine Wisonsin
May 30th 2013
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP. 

"The entire seminar was extremely informative and also parts were a great refresher. the area of the different types of dementia and the now revamped text in the DSMS was very interesting but a bit disturbing. All the information was extremely important and informative and all will be reexamined and try aspects of the needs of our facility. The information regarding care givers will be certainly used to support and encourage those who are so graciously self less in their role as caregivers. Adult Day Center Director 

"The speaker was very refreshing and kept me interested through out the entire seminar. I learned how to better care for people with Alzheimer's" Nurse's Aide 

"I really liked all the information that was made available to us. I learned different approaches to present information to others." Nurses Aide / Activity Assistant

"Fresh presentation of old material with new information.Gave me some new perspectives." Activity Professional

"Great job. Danielle did a great job! Great over view and I got lots of new information as well. I'm all jazzed up. Great resource lists, creative ways   to re-direct while maintaining our residents dignity, good common sense strategies but with a creative twists." Social Worker

"I learned about cultural differences, behaviors, interventions, additional interventions and behaviors."  RN Manager

"Lively presentation, good life examples, managing behaviors and activities." RN

"Pleased about the different aspects of dementia. How to effectively to talk to families with better decisions to make with co workers." Nurses Aide

"Speaker was realistic, straight forward to the point. She brought interest, held my attention and made the time seem much shorter. I learned about more interventions or thinking outside the box for interventions. Made me think of other ways to be more creative in use of activities." Activity Professional   


Train the Trainer class
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Class
May 23rd 2013
New Hampshire
Trainer: Sandra Stimson CALA ADC AC-BC CDP CDCM
NCCDP Corporate Trainer

"The activity portion was great and I can not wait to speak to my activity department, the content, the references are going to be helpful. The learning experience from this seminar gave me so much confidence to move forward in my career. I am eager to teach this seminar to others and assist with improving dementia care." Heather Beauchemin RN CDP

"Presentation included a wealth of practical insights and tips to improve care of dementia patients. Appreciated the feed back required and recommended policy and procedures, appreciated the presenter knowledge of elopement management. " RN Vice President Health Services 

"I was very pleased with receiving so many resources in one binder and very user friendly. I learned that how we assess our dementia residents could be improved and will improve both our care and our interventions with residents." Nursing Home Administrator and Social Worker

"It was interesting and covered a lot. I especially liked the part about communication and behaviors." RN

"Pleased with power point. Tremendous amount of information in a short period of time. Many items particularly program resources and applications (was provided)." RN

"I was pleased with multitudes of resources. I learned to enter their reality and live their truth." RN

"Learning new ways to access information from computer and other countries to get program to residents. I learned to individualize activities and care of each resident" LPN 

"The amount of reference materials is impressive, Sandy was wonderful and very engaging. The reinforcement of entering the dementia residents life, where they are now, the need for policies specific for elopement of residents while on trips, I hadn't given that a thought prior to this seminar." RN DON

"I was pleased with whole seminar. It made me think how I can help out in my facility even though I work in the office of Medical Records. " Activity professional and Medical Records

"I was pleased with the activities section and wandering section. Definitely changing the activity program.  I work also to create missing lost residents emergency plan" RN

"Sandra added humor to the program, was informative. I learned about web sites and ideas for activity programs." LPN

"Sandra presented well. I learned ideas to preventing wandering and activity ideas." LPN Unit Manager

"I liked all the information on activities. I learned much about resources to be used and web sites." DON

"A lot of information in a short period of time." RN

"I learned staff education has to be ongoing." RN

"I learned about nutrition and end of life issues were both helpful. I learned about pain evaluations in dementia patient, scales will be useful for assessment." RN 


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
Soaring Eagle Resort
Mt. Pleasant MI
May 9th 2013
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon BS

"Enjoyed program and presenter." RN  

"Great speaker and location. Thank you for the wonderful handouts." Social Worker

"I like the binder to take with me to offer to other staff in my facility." Social Worker

"In depth training and dementia education seminar, alternative activities. I learned to be open, flexible with patient care and behaviors." RN

"Appreciated life experiences to support treating objectives." Nursing Home Administrator

"Excellent. Very pleased with all of it. Liked the examples of her family and other people or elderly. I learned ways to teach direct caregivers to have a calmer and gentler environment" RN

"I appreciated the personal experiences included in the presentation and very practical usable knowledge. the network I work for will be expanding their long term facility as part of the elder care services. I hope I can incorporate some of the suggestions into the plans before building the unit." RN

"I was pleased with all aspects of the presentation. I like how Lynn brings humor and personal experiences to the education to keep it interesting and close to home. I liked many new ideas to try with residents from fanny packs to try and stop public disrobing to decorating doors and dining rooms with cues and distractions." RN

"Enjoyed the presenter. Information on the spirit, stories were great. Mostly for me it was a refresher with that being said, I feel motivated by the presentation." Nursing Home Administrator 

"Binder has many good articles and training materials." Nursing Home Administrator

"Loved the sole focus was on dementia. Seminar provided clear possible causes to behavior and appropriate interventions." Activity Professional

"Speaker very knowledgeable and made material interesting. I learned about better interventions to enhance our memory unit." RN  

"I learned about listening and communicating in the 2nd module was priceless information. I am taking this back to train and empower my staff members." Assisted Living Administrator

"Lynn is great, energetic and funny, very knowledgeable." Activity professional and Nurses Aide

"It was very informative. I learned you have to change with your community member because one thing that could work today might not work later down the road." DON

"The binder is great. I like the idea of taking it to other seminars. The personal stories were awesome. The stats of how much Alzheimer's disease will affect the population" RN

"Speaker was very engaging and knowledgeable in this field. Enjoyed her stories." Nurses Aide 

"Speaker great presenter. Loved her stories." RN

"I learned about different levels of wandering in community,  ways to locate them with community services available. Reinforced fact medicine has not improved much in 10 years." RN

"Organized presentation. Speaker did not read her slides and was clear and concise. Learned the most from the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment section, currently dealing with MCI and early dementia with my mother in law." RN 

Speaker had great energy and compassion, continue to implement dementia programs in all our facilities." OTR/L

"Presentation was so good."  RN DON

"She really knows her stuff! Great job. Tell all about dementia, everyone needs to know." Nursing Home Administrator

"Pleased with whole program, very informative. We have a closed unit so this will be helpful." DON RN Administrator

"The presenter was very good, was able to interject some humor in her presentation. She was very knowledgeable about the subject." Assisted Living Administrator

 "good speaker, held my interest, thoughtful, funny and so true to dementia care. I learned about customer service is never outdated." Assisted Living Administrator

"Lynn was a great speaker and very knowledgeable. This was the best seminar I've been to in years." Assisted Living Administrator.  

"This seminar was a good seminar. Lynn was a great presenter. I learned some different activity ideas, interventions that can enhance our existing programs." CTRS

"Informative presentation very pleased with presentation and various aspects of dementia will implement knowledge to educate staff on subject matter." Social Worker

"The seminar gave me a better insight on how to properly assess my residents. It opened my mind for a possible career change to focus on dementia and geriatric residents." Social Worker

"I was pleased with the whole seminar. The speaker was well informed and expert on the topics. Speaker was very interactive with audience. I learned how having an indepth back ground history of the resident. Also how resident has several different ways of communicating and how important family members are just as important as the patient." Social worker

"Ms Biot Gordon has a great presentation, she was engaging and brought personal touches to the program. the person centered approach to care and feeling comfortable with trying new ideas to benefit the resident." Nursing Home Administrator

"Validated the knowledge I currently possess and excited me about the knowledge and experiences I will experience in my future exploits in dementia care." LPN   

"I felt the presentation by Lynn was very knowledgeable, fun, kept my interest and provided me with great information to utilize as director. I learned a variety of information related to dementia and new activities and ways to assist the care giver." Social Worker

"Speaker was very informative. Specific sensitivity training" Nursing Home Administrator

"I am glad there was a topic that took into consideration sex and the elderly. I will explai to the staff the importance of quality of life at the end of a patients life." RN

"Speaker was very engaging" RN

"I learned about wandering prevention techniques, nutritional ideas, identifying and respecting residents spirit and soul" RN

"Lynn was awesome. I learned so much I cant write it all, Great amount of new perspective" Assisted Living Administrator

"a lot of needed information on dementia." Assisted Living Administrator

"I can't wait to give the information in the binder to my staff, This was so enlightening." Nursing Home Administrator

 "I learned about non violent self protection information and wandering kits."

"I learned about instinctual superior spirit, walking and not turning around (when they elope). RN

"She provided some good resources" Nursing Home Administrator

"I thought examples were good" DON RN Assisted Living Administrator

"Enjoyed the articles." Activity Professional

"enjoying. I learned about non pharmalogical approaches." RN Nursing Home Administrator 

"I learned about breakdown of approaches and interventions. To stay in the patients moment." ADON

"Different interventions to assist direct care in dealing with difficult behaviors, different approaches to assessing pain (i learned)." Assisted Living Administrator

'Learned about different countries pay CNAs higher wages." RN

"I learned about intervention ideas and staff education on dementia." CTRS


Train the Trainer Seminar
Philadelphia PA
February 5th 2013
NCCDP Corp Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon

"I enjoyed the personal stories the instructor shared about her family members with dementia. Dementia is as unique as the person is and not every person with dementia is the same. Dementia is unpredictable as the effects it has on each person."  
Jean Haveron RN BSN CDP Staff Development Coordinator St.Mary's Nursing Center


Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Seminar May 2nd 2013
Richmond Va
Trainer: Sandra Stimson CALA ADC AC-BC CDP CDCM
NCCDP Corporate Trainer

"Learned many tips and will pass on to other staff." LPN

"I learned the importance of resident family visitor interviews to get to know resident. need for the sexuality assessment." RN

"The many references to free resources was very beneficial. Discussion topics of depression and wandering were helpful. Also the mention of MSDS reminded me that I need to work on updates. Mention of the Ftag that Nursing Assistants should be in day rooms during activities reaffirms what our facility is working towards. I plan to incorporate more detail on depression and wandering in our volunteer orientation as these are areas that are not covered in detail currently. Many of the resources provided will be used  to enhance our departments educational base so we can better serve our residents." CTRS 

"I learned about access to information on various web sites." Assisted Living Administrator

"A lot of good information with a lot of good examples. Each component offered insight into various good techniques for interaction with dementia residents." Nursing Home Administrator

"Found this to be exciting day of valuable information. I need to become a dementia trainer." RN

"Overall great resources. great snakes, very great hand outs provided in binder, I especially found sexuality piece helpful because we don't have in-services on this but we will now. I will certainly use this at my facility to educate staff on dementia nutrition, care giving, tips, etc." Activity Professional.

"I learned about the calendar and activities" Activity Professional

"I was pleased with communication, feelings, spiritual care, interactions with attendees, aggressive behaviors." Gerontologist


Train the Trainer Class
May 2nd
Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC CDP CDCM AC-BC

"The portion that interested me the most was activities portion. I liked the portion on depression, repetive behaviors as well. Very well done. This was valuable information that summarizes the vast amount of information offered on dementia and Alzheimer's. A lot of information was presented. I think its more than what I had anticipated and very thorough." Hanieh Sigari CDP Owner Home Helpers NJ

"I appreciated the thoroughness of the course content. The information on sexuality and cultural o have a diversity added to my knowledge base. I am thrilled to have a vehicle and tools to enhance the knowledge of CNA's, Therapists, activity directors and families to further the quality of those we serve." Kari K. Brizendine PT CDP Rehab Management 


Train the Trainer Class
April 16 2013
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP

"Enjoyed real life stories and examples to relate to the materials. I learned how to market and could use it for additional opportunities."
Melissa Genrich RN CDP DON Director of Resident Services  Tabitha Grace Pointe 

"over all this was a great wealth of information. Danielle was amazing. I am interested in taking this to my team." Assisted Living Administrator

"Trainer was very professional, presentation. I learned about environmental aspects." Assisted Living Administrator

"All was good especially the speaker. Good refresher along with new information." Assisted Living Administrator

"I was pleased with all." Activity Professional

"It was exactly what I wanted. I appreciated the sexual education series. I learned how to start activities in a very professional manner. I like the assessment process, the black hole, elopement so much more." Assisted Living Manager  


Train the Trainer Seminar
Private dementia Training
AristaCare Health Services
April 10th 2013-NJ Class
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC AC-BC CDP CDCM

"The materials provided are an excellent tool to further dementia care education. In addition the interventions highlighted and books provided are a great resource. The course brought evidenced based practice, clinical approaches in working with someone  diagnosed with Dementia in a clear way which can be taught  at all levels from front lien staff, administration, families, which will expand resources for furthering education for those in need."
Pamela Gormley MSW CDP
Dementia Care Manager
AristaCare Health Services at Whiting

"I appreciated how the materials were so organized and clearly marked by topic. I also appreciate the many text books, materials, web site information, etc, that we received. I am sure to use them all. It's hard to pin point exactly the one thing that I will utilized as I find that all the materials are extremely useful. The most important thing is to constantly educate one self to understand how necessary it is to keep yourself updated with all the latest research and innovations in dementia care. The NCCDP web site is very valuable tool and is sure to keep me up to date and relevant." 
Miriam Schanker LNHA CDP CDCM
Assistant Administrator/ Director of Nostalgia Park Memory Care Unit
AristaCare Health Services

"The attention paid to the interventions to assist with some actions to my facility. Nutrition which is such a major concern with dementia along with weight loss. The causes and interventions reviewed were excellent examples that I plan to put into place. For example place mats, table cloths, warm wash cloths to clean hands and the use of the sense of smell to stimulate appetite."  
Gwendolyn Holley RN CDP
ADON Aristacare Health Services


Train the Trainer Class
Burbank CA
April 3 2013
COO / Corporate Trainer

"I enjoyed the fact that the power point was shown on the projector during the presentation. I liked about learning about more activities, spirituality, story telling, singing, etc."

"I particularly liked the situation she cited as examples. Game me more insight on how to respond to certain situations. This class broadens my knowledge about activities and hope to be able to use it for our resident's benefits." Activity Professional

"Showed that we are doing a really good job of dementia care. Help full reminders of importance of activities. Will address how we are including all levels of ability in one activity module."Psychologist  

"I was pleased to know that our programming is on target. We are providing excellent dementia care. I will utilize the modules to further the staff education. Provide support to our staff with group sessions to enhance self care." DON

"Speaker very knowledgeable and engaging manner of presentation was very upbeat and good" Director of Rehab Speech Language Pathologist 

"Great speaker" LPN 


Train the Trainer Class
Providence RI
April 5th 2013
Instructor: Sandra Stimson ADC AC-BC CALA ADC CDP CDCM
NCCDP Corporate Trainer

"I was pleased with culture change, new approaches, ways of thinking's, This is where I meet the most resistance from staff. I specifically loved the positive aspects on culture change and looking at residents with dementia as individuals rather than just a patient with a disease."
Jennifer Carver RN CDP Certified Alzheimer's Trainer
Maine Veterans Home of Augusta

"I enjoyed new ways to look at individual with new tools for teaching. It's everyone's job to keep people, patients busy. I want to begin teaching staff about getting new techniques to individualize plans of care. Also to add stand up meetings is important to get every discipline on the same page."
Jamey Cotnoir MS OT/L CDP
Occupational Therapist
Maine Veterans Home

"I enjoyed and appreciated all of the new and updated information that was given throughout the entire class. I will be able to save so much time since I was given available resources. I learned about addressing sexuality with our staff, families, residents to deal with behavior as they come. I enjoyed the program and greatly appreciated your time and hard work."
Deborah Hollenbach CDP ALRA, PCHA, CLAS, LPN
Home Approach

"Was well presented" LPN

"I learned about search, elopement and information." RN

"The whole seminar was enjoyable and quite an eye opener. I learned about policy and procedures, staff working as a team." Nurse's Aide

"Very informative. I am so happy I came. Great ideas, So much information. Thank you Sandy. I hope to continue and achieve the CDP certification." Activity Professional

"I learned about web sites and in-services for teaching." RN

"Very pleased with activity ideas.  I learned about understanding an Alzheimer's patient." Activity Professional

"Very informative. Thanks for the reminder that we health professionals are special people in chapter 9. Will adapt and utilize activities for home care clients." RN   

"I enjoyed the depth of the activity section. I will work on elopement plans and in service for sexuality on care unit." Activity Professional. 

"Great presentation and participation required. In my orientation and discussion on sexual abuse is quick and sometimes awkward. You gave me good ideas to present this in a more relaxed but serious way with your introduction. You introduced this topic with example to look at each other and we all were conceived by sex." Nursing Home Administrator

"Information given in a story format allowed us to remember ideas. Fast paced and kept topic moving. I learned many items for approaches and activities." DON

"I Loved the humor." LPN

"I Loved all the programs available for the Alzheimer's program."  LPN

"I had heard of much of the information however a new and creative way to teach and present the information was excellent." RN

"Good information, especially activities, plentiful references information to be utilized for the future." RN

"I learned how to better care for the resident's I work with." RN

"I learned policy and procedures that facilities need." Nursing Home Administrator

"I learned about policy for elopement on trips." RN

"I learned policy and procedures needed, redirecting tactics." RN

"It was great. I learned about all areas of activities and programs on the unit." Activity Professional

"I learned how to deal with sexuality." Activity Professional

"Awesome! Great ideas and information about do's and don'ts and hearing what I am doing the corrrect way makes me feel good. Thanks! I took lots of notes of new ideas for activities that our resident's would enjoy and make them smile." Activity Professional

"The importance of our jobs and the difference we make in the lives of others. I learned methods of dealing with dementia residents and appropriate activities for them." Therapeutic Recreation   

"I felt it was very well organized and informative seminar and flowed well and kept my attention through out. I was pleased that the instructor  was knowledgeable and a good speaker who did not just read from the power point, good presentation. I learned more appropriate ways to communicate and understand dementia residents needs. Importance of management and families to discuss prior behaviors and what worked at home that is beneficial to communicating and calming them. There were a lot of good ideas for environment and activity changes, some of which I have discussed with the administration already and others that I will bring up again because I feel it is important." Social Worker

"I did learn many different ways to keep residents entertained and improve behaviors." RN

"Very good speaker and kept interest going.  Confirmation of what our facility already has in effect. Great ideas for new policies and procedures. " RN DON


Train the Trainer
March 19th 2013
Bethesda MD
Instructor: Sandra Stimson NCCDP Corporate Trainer

"A thorough overview on all patient aspects of dementia and dementia care with particular emphasis on how to apply each issue in either home or residential care setting. Very practical value. Coming to the seminar with  more experiences in the home setting, I benefited the most from recognizing that there are more similarities than differences between home care and residential care for people with dementia and that quality dementia care though multifaceted is possible."  
Alida Loinaz OTR CDP
National Speaker and Consultant 

"This was a refresher course for me and it was great to see some of the advances in the content that can be useful for me as an instructor and assist me in educating upcoming attendees."
Rhonda Brand LNHA ADC CDP CDCM Consultant and National Speaker 

"Each section had multiple take always and could have immediate impact on direct care workers quality of service. I learned about activity guidelines that were helpful to maintain activity, stimulation and engagement."  
David Dompier RN CDP Residential Administrator
ARC Mercer

"I am impressed by the presentation of the material. This was well designed course and included all of the latest developments in dementia care. I think I was well prepared. I learned about dementia specific activities. The presenter, Sandra gave me dozens of ideas on how to engage residents and involve staff from all disciplines."  
Rosemary Moulton LICSW CDP
Social Service Manager
Carroll Manor Nursing and Rehab Center


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
March 19th 2013
Trainer: Sandra Stimson NCCDP Corporate Trainer

"Loved the sections on set up of space and use of activities, tons of practical ideas. The discussion on wandering and elopement was particularly helpful and will benefit my work with this population." COTA Michigan

"Well done, I now have vast knowledge base on the subject. I learned appropriate ways to talk and encourage residents, treat them as customers." RN

"It was an excellent seminar. The material is excellent. Fantastic resources mentioned through out. I feel very fortunate to have had Sandra as a trainer. Many of the hand outs (in the hand out notebook) augment the program and extended the learning. Susan Infeld

"I learned about activity ideas. I learned about books I intend to read." Activity Professional

"I learned about web sites and end of life issues." Activity Professional

"You have given a lot of excellent ideas and resources I learned quite a bit about the environment of SCDU and some suggestions to make it more home like and about sensory rooms." Social Worker

"The presenter was very relatable. I will remember the piece about not saying "good bye" because I have gone into the room and said Goodbye." Social Worker


Train the Trainer Seminar
Dallas Texas
March 1st 2013

"I had no disappointments, enjoyed and gained from every chapter. Pleased with skills and knowledge of the instructor!!! I learned so much. I came with different expectations. My favorite line which will be my new philosophy, "when you've met one Alzheimer's (patient), you met one Alzheimer's (patient). and Behind every behavior is an unmet need so take home is patient centeredness."  

Director of South AR Center on Aging
University of AR for Medical Studies
Eldorado, AR

"Extensive knowledge of the instructor. Sexuality training and very well presented. All the chapters were explained including great personal experiences. Great quality of the instructor, knowledge and caring."

Blanca Rosa Loya CDP
Bienvivir All Inclusive Care Pace Programs
Alzheimer's Manager


Alzheimer's Seminar
Dallas Texas
March 1st 2013

"I was pleased with the knowledge and effectiveness of the presenter. I learned how to effectively handle resident's with dementia. This will be applied in my every day care of resident's I work with. " RN

"Danielle was very pleasant and personable and made the information interesting. The information on sexuality was very helpful and would be good training for my associates. LPN

"Ideas on activities that can offer. I learned how to set up the environment, safety, educating staff how to communicate with the residents with behavior problems, noise in our facilities, interventions that can be used." CTRS 


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Seminar
Tampa Florida
February 26th 2013
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC CDP CDCM AC-BC

"I learned to never say Good Bye (in a long term care setting) and live their truth." RN

"I was pleased over all. It helped to confirm that the knowledge I know is right to help educate the staff." RN

"A lot of great ideas to take back to the building. It does not take a large budget to create ideas. I learned about handling behaviors and how the little activities can help with behaviors." Activity professional

"I loved the participation of others to demonstrate examples. I learned specifically the CNA's at my nursing facility need additional training." Nurses Aide / Social Worker

"I learned about sensory rooms, enjoyed the stories and skits, very interesting and engaging. I learned about hoarding and behaviors, great resources." Assisted Living Administrator

"I liked the personal stories, activity related articles and web sites. I learned about policy and procedures for elopement used for outings safety measures, edge assessments and interventions for aggressive behaviors." Activity Professional

"I was pleased with information on activity programs for dementia residents, how to deal with dementia residents more effectively." LPN

"I am a CTRS and many good activity ideas." Activity Professional

"The amount of resources, web sites, books to refer to I was pleased to learn about. This open my eyes to multiple things that I need to adjust in my dementia unit that will be low cost." Assisted Living Administrator

"The content was very good, informative, good ideas, lots of resources, very fast paced. For me this was a positive refresher class, glad I came. " Assisted Living Administrator

"I was very pleased and Knowledge is power. I learned a lot  more than expected." Dementia Unit Manager

"Really informed. A lot of good ideas." Social Worker

"We are opening a new memory care unit and I learned a lot of great ideas pertaining specifically to those who are at that level. Brookdale has very precise and set in stone standards and a lot of your ideas will only enhance these standards. Thank you. Activity Professional / Nurses Aide"

"I thought the presenter was knowledgeable on the subject of Alzheimer's and dementia. I liked her enthusiasm and passion for the subject. Lots of good ideas for activities and redirection.  LPN

"Overall good. Lots of great resources and suggestions."

"I was pleased with the behavior management perspective that ran through out the day. I work with family care givers who need to learn how to better problem solve caring for their loved ones. An incredible amount of resources. I will sharing those great ideas to family care givers." Social Worker

"I was very pleased that role play was utilized to re enforce information given for better understanding . Also recommendations given to have policy and procedures on elopement on trips and push push policy. I learned appropriate ways to effectively communicate with Alzheimer's dementia residents." Director of Nursing 


Train the Trainer
NCCDP Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
February 13th 2013
East Windsor NJ
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson CADDCT CALA ADC CDP CDCM AC-B

"The depth of information and resources is amazing. As an administrator and lecturer the wealth of information will help tremendously with my goal to train other professionals. I learned a lot about organization resources and tips for businesses."
Laurie G. Mantz OTR, CDP
Dementia Training For Life

"I enjoyed the life stories. It provided a good foundation for the material presented. Many of the activity ideas our lower functioning clients can be utilized at the day care. As an administrator it is important to ensure that all levels of cognition are addressed".   
Michele E. Lardieri MBA/ HCM CALA CDP
Saint Peters Adult Day Center

"Overall, very good presentation with a lot of excellent information. The presenter was able to give examples and stories that each module which will help me make the presentation more relevant. It was very helpful that so many web sites and other resources were presented. I learned the ability to better care for Alzheimer's dementia patients and instruct others on how to care for these patients. I currently teach an aging course so I know much of the information but it is always good to review the information and my knowledge."      
Kim Agozzinio RN MHA MSN CDP
Clinical Admissions Director
Pennsylvania State University Faculty
Genesis Health Care

"Sandra did a great job of relating the information to personal experiences as well as referencing the available training and resources on the NCCDP web site. I;ll be recommending that we further enhance our assessment and tools."  
Maureen Bonner Garvey CDP
Watermark Retirement Communities
Regional Director of Resident Programming

"The information was extremely relevant. I learned what it takes to diagnosis Alzheimer's, how to be patient with the patient and how to respond appropriately to their behaviors." Social Worker

"I loved the exampled used to relate to the information. It was a good overall refresher of aspects of dementia" Activity Professional

"I found the program very educational. I found multiple aspects that will help me improve our facility dementia unit." Director of Nursing

"I will apply what I learned about behaviors and aggression." RN

"I was pleased with the entire seminar and I learned about culture change." CTRS

"A lot of the material will be relevant to our work at our facility for people with developmental disabilities. Reminding our staff how important activity is in keeping with bowel disorders, behavior problems and good nights sleep." Administrator

"I was impressed with the speakers ability to put the work and life experiences into the examples when discussed a certain topic. I think the human aspect of working with people with dementia was the strong point of the presentation." Administrator

"In depth knowledge of the presentation on the subject. I learned about various tools and literature, training tools on dementia and Alzheimer's" Director of Nursing

"Very informative and well prepared. Awesome real life examples to illustrate a topic, like the interactive
 aspects, didn't make the class drag, i learned how to identify non verbal behavior and the appropriate response. I learned need to create policies on elopement on trips."   Social Worker

"The Seminar as a whole was very informative and the topic were clear and interesting. I learned how to handle situations with residents as individual basis, looking for visual cues, soothing residents and consulting with family members about resident behaviors."  LPN

"A lot of information, was great for resources in nursing homes, loved all the resources." Social Worker


Train the Trainer Class
Alzheimer's Dementia Seminar
Gaylord Springs Gold Links
Nashville TN
Feb 6 2013
Instructor: Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP NCCDP Corporate 

"Great materials and access tor resources. I learned great interventions for patients with Alzheimer's/ Dementia. I feel the training techniques for staff  will be beneficial for the overall welfare fo the program at my facility." Carrie L. Brawley LBSW CDP  Administrator BNC Martin 

"I was pleased with the interventions that were introduced. Danielle did a great job and my interest was never lost. I learned different approaches to help the staff and families learn how to better care for the patient with dementia. I also learned of new tools and web sites that will be helpful." 
Stacie Belmont LPN CDP Assistant Director of Nursing TN Health Management ,   

"Information and resources provided are excellent and very thorough. I learned different approaches to managing behavior, different aspects of patient care."
Carey Ouzts RN CDP CDCM Program Director for Senior Care Services Minden Medical Center

"Great seminar. Great refresher as well as new information learned. I will use this course to teach staff under my management to improve care we provide."
 Douglas W. Oliver RN LNHA CDP CDCM Executive Director CRSA / LCS

"I enjoyed learning of updated research and programs and new techniques and behavioral interventions. I learned- to numerous to mention. I have taught Alzheimer's dementia training for sometime in similar venues. I believe this course was very well organized, very comprehensive and very well presented. Clearly the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners remains on the cutting edge of research. While I have had extensive training in dementia care training, I learned new material today-updated web sites to access additional information.  Danielle did an excellent job facilitating the training. She was energetic, personable, encouraged active participation shared professional and personal experiences that enhanced the educational materials. Thank you. " Assisted Living Administrator 

"The course gave me a framework to assist my facility in caring for persons with dementia."
Occupational Therapist

"Presenter was very engaging. I am so grateful that the location was changed. This location was beautiful. I learned practical approaches to allow me to be more helpful to my patients." Social Worker


Train the Trainer / Alzheimer's Dementia Seminar
Rochester NY
January 15th 2013
Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon

"I do in servicing of staff on dementia and this was great ideas for me to review for what I already do and  on the different topics. Overall review." Activity Professional

"I liked the examples given regarding person centered care, communication techniques, ideas for engagement and ideas for interventions." Music Therapists


Train the Trainer Class / Alzheimer's Dementia Seminar
Columbus Ohio
January 17th 2013
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Sandra Burrows

"Material appropriate with examples. I will apply to presentations to the community." PT

"Great over view of information, have been to many dementia courses and this course tied everything together. I will apply information to help families where I work to address needs of our long term patients." OTR/L

"I work in health with mostly assisted living facilities, I will apply intervention and teaching to my field." OT

"Her (trainer) expertise and experiences are incredible. Numerous tips, different approaches, importance of recognizing sensory deficits." Social Worker

"The speaker and her knowledge and willingness to share was wonderful. I learned that knowledge at all levels is powerful to help care for AD persons." RN

"It was wonderful, inspiring and I learned a lot! I didn't get sleep at all. So warm, caring and person centered. (I learned) Details of approaches in multiple areas, including solving some problems in our adult day services facility." RN  

"Overall great." Corporate Nurse AL

"Activity section, ideas and suggestions and need for environmental changes I was pleased with the information. I learned i need to relate to their level of functioning. Knowing that certain behaviors cant be helped, how to give appropriate." COTA

"Presenter was very informative and engaging. I learned a lot of valuable information that I can take back to my staff." DON

"I really enjoyed the different activity ideas, things to do with the seminars and I like getting verification of things that I'm doing that is working on the floor, very good ideas. I learned about dealing with residents with dementia  can be hard to deal with and to do with honoring them and keeping their dignity is good to have a way to do this and to get results." Activity professional

"Good class, informative, education. I learned to increase activities with dementia patients." CTRS

"The instructor was very good and I learned Alzheimer's and dementia not the same." Activity Professional

"I learned activities is very important and that rushing through is frustrating. Speaker is very exciting to listen to. " Activity Professional

"I learned about weighted dolls, dogs and nap / rest time." OT

"The seminar was refreshing and insightful" RN

"I enjoyed the real life stories to help apply information presented. Improved understanding of sundowners and other negative behavior along with suggestions to reduce. " Speech Therapists

"I was very happy with how in depth the area of behavior modification / intervention was, very practical solutions. I learned how much we as workers in this industry impact residents negatively however unintentional. It has made me hyper aware of myself and how much more room for improvement we have.  Director of Sales and marketing

"The stories and examples were very interesting. Us more life skills in daily programs." Activity Professional

"Activity section, great ideas." Activity Professional

"Sandra Burrows demonstrated extensive knowledge and passion on the topic of dementia and was of extra help and extensive background of knowledge to assist my personal growth. The whole program will assist my career." OT Assistant