2014 Testimonials.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilled execution. It represents the wise choice of many" Author Unknown

"Don't just meet the minimum state regulations regarding dementia education...exceed them!"
Sandra Stimson, CADDCT CALA, ADC, AC-BC, CDP

Thank you for being the best part of NCCDP


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
December 19th 2014
Providence RI
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz BS CALA ADC CDP CADDCT

"Was Excellent"
Patricia Harner CDP CADDCT

"Too much information! But well done by the presenter. I learned specifically about elopement."


LifeSpan / Beacon Institute Conference
December 11th and 12th 2015
Columbia MD
              Nellie Stolarz NCCDP Corporate Trainer  BS ADC CDP CADDCT CDCM

Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar

"I really enjoyed hearing and seeing Sandra present the materials and thought the examples she used made the presentation interesting and easy for participants to relate. The role plays were wonderful and really broke up the lecture. My favorite part of the training was depression and repetitive behaviors section. You gave me tremendous amount of resources that I can take back to my facility and work directly with my staff to role out tried and true approaches. The speaker did a wonderful job presenting and made it very interesting."
Melissa Stewart BASN CDP CADDCT
Executive Director  Olney Assisted Living

"(I was pleased) with the entire presentation and was well presented and completed in a timely manner. As a professional working with families and caregivers with loved ones diagnoised with dementia, the content in this curriculum provides a comprehensive knowledge for both professionals and families with a learning enviroment."
Non Profit Management and Leadership

"The skits effectively drew participants out of their comfort zone to challenge them in addressing specific behaviors. Sandra was very interactive, engaging and used questions from audience to transition topics and deal with otheer comment "tangents". The immense value of having elopment plan. We will address this withour QI team next week to develop comprehensive training plans for all shifts."
HR / Staff Education
Hillhaven Assisted Living Nursing and Rehabilitiation

"As an administrator and nurse I found the seminar to be very informative. Sanddra was organized, detailed and animated and held the audience attention. She answered questions and provided step by step information. She answered questions and provided step by step information on how to set yourself up as a provider of Alzheimer's disease and dementia care course. The information on stalling was very helpful. I currently have a resident this definattely applies to. However, PT and physicans never considered this aspect. Noise survey  will definately apply this in our building. Activity programming and the new trend where families are seeking care out of the US due to price was helpful."
Execuitve Director
Atria Manresa

"As an SLP and Regional Rehab director, I can say I gained additional knowledge on how to enhance care I provide to residents with Alzheimer's disease and dementia symptoms. As an SLP and regional rehab director, this course provided excellent suggestions to improve care of residents in ccrc communities. More specifically, how to provide calming solutions and situtations to promote a caring environment to my residnets was wonderful. I look forward to educating my rehab teams with this knowledge.
Regional Director
Flagship Rehabilitation with Care Ventures Inc

"Pleaseing aspects. The instructor kept me interested. She created an atmosphere of ease though business like. Seminar was very interactive. This is my disappointment because not enough time to thoroughly cover all the subjects. Great information on resources to be used in learning environemtn, great addition to materials already in place. Loved the spontaneous approach to instruction."
Carroll Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at Providence Hospital

"Greatly appreciated the amount of referenced resources and additional eduational materials available to supplemet the presented curriculum. The education and training opportunity will provided instrumental and valuable sessions to direct caregivers by enhancing their knowledge with practical and useful techniques and caregiveing methods to those with Alzheimer's and dementia. Sandra was thorough, resourceful and funny too!
President /  Administrator
Edenton Retirmeent Community

"Pleased with speaker and information. (I will apply the knowledge) on wandering technology, elopment policy"
Director of Nursing School
Sisters Notre Dame

"I really enjoyed the reall life examples and class participation, skits to drive home the points. Sandra use of humor held my interests all day. I would like to see more specific information for staff of hospitals caring for the dementia patient. Waht a wonderful wealth of knowledge! Not only will I be able to pass this knowledge on to those who hire me as a trainer, speaker, advocate. I can inspire others to in nursing along with my mothers caretaker and advocate. I can inspire others to become educated ans enstivite to this growing population and their very specific needs. Having worked in the hospital setting for 10 years. I have seen a large gap in education. I want to address this gap and ensure that these professionals are empowered to learn to provide the best preactive for this special population while reducing personal burnout and stress, balancing the strugles of staffing demands and facility costs with ensuring the safe envornment this population demands."
Kelly Stephenson RN BS CMT CDP CADDCT
Dementia Dignified LLC

"The content is well designed and very detailed.The content of the seminar is excellent. Really excited to read all the books provided. Role playing to demonstrate the behavior modifaction techniques is very useful. Future inservices in my community will utitlze role playing as this captures the audience attention.
Cenk Kalemdaroglu MS LNHA CDP CADDCT
Executive Director
The Memory Center
Richmond VA

"Good seminar. Good organization of information, some new ideas." 
Karin Lakin M.Ed CDP CADDCT
Owner Operator
Senior Network, Inc
Cedar Creak Associates

"As a director of assisted living and independent living I was delighted to be given all of the resources and information to make my job a little easier. I learned there are numeous tools available to utilize for evaluating. I will be changing my pre admission and admission, Policy and procedures. I will also create an online library for caregiver support. I will a have a noise audit completed for my Al and memory care units."
Constance Smith RNC-AL CDP CADDCT
Director Health and Wellness
Mercy Ridge 


"I was pleased with the entire presentation. I partcularily enjoy the NCCDP strong alighment with walidation therapy and living in their trught. I loeved Sandras passion and energy. The wealth of resources provided by NCCDP and my plans to utitlize these resources in staff education ( I will apply). Loved the noise assessment!"
Dementia Program Manager 
Mercy Ridge CCRC 

"The class was broken down into excellent categories, touchon every subject but not over whelming As an owner, I learned a level of care requirements, issues egarding training of all levels of employees and security issues."
Kathleen Halbing CDP CADDCT

"Seminar was very easy to follow and not over whelming. Picked up on all subjects and found elopemnt chapter very interesting and informative."
Glen Halbing CDP CADDCT

"The presentation of the materials was well organized. I have never attended a seminar that flowed so smoothly and kept everyone's attention. I learned ways to improve my teaching style. During the presentation the use of stories, skits really brought the message home. By showing the class an activity I will remember the point the instructor was making."
Michelle Delahay RN CM DN CDP CADDCT
Staff Development Coordinator Signature Healthcare

"(I was pleased with) practicle examples of elopment and wandering including policy and procedures development was quite helpful and to enhance my staff training on dementia management, integration of activities in engaging residents." 
Leonilla Adden MSN-Ed RN IP CDP CADDCT
Staff Development Coordinator
Errickson Living

"Good handouts with lots of references available. Websites and refernces available on dementia care." RN

"Good calendar ideas." Activity Professional

"Speaker was very good and kept me interested. I liked the different cases and stats presented. The different websites presented and activity ideas." Activity Professional

"All the new aspects pertaining to Alzheimer's very informative. As a facilitator for Alzheimer's support groups this provided lots of useful information with CMS requirments for our facility that will add and aid in employee education." DON

"Great inforamtion, especially resources. Great energy.So much informaiton. I will look up resources and apply to the program."  Social Worker

" I liked the live feed information. Exercise programs we need to up grade." Administrator

"Role plays were good and broke up the lecture. Great lists of resources to take back to the facility. Anxious to try coconut oil. Policy and procedures for elopement, reversible dementias. " Social Worker

"I was particularly interested in elopement topic. As a manager of the dementia unit, I  have alot of wandering residents. I found some of the interventiosn and ideas on policy and procedures very useful. Ideas on the memory care gardens, in the process of doing one for my facility and found some suggestions usefel and will take back to my facility." LPN

"Speaker conveys a passionate manner with giving examples. Ideas for activity" Activity professional

"Great resources and specific web addresses." CTRS

"I really enjoyed the activity chapter of this seminar. Since I am the only acitvity assistant moving to our new memory care unit opening this year, this chapter gave me so many great ideas to present to my boss. I learned which activities work best at what times which have shown not to work. I also learned tons of free resources I think will reeally benefit me in my job. " Activity Professional

"Good tools to use in my facility." Social Worker

"Pleased with amount of free resources on the internet available for memory care. I learned to perform regular elopement drills and perfoming a noise assesemnt annually. " Administrator

"Handouts very good and thorough. Good resources. Wandering elopement strategties , live in their reality, will use for staff education." Assisted Living Administrator

"I learned many resources to look at and will use the tools." RN

"Enjoyed module on wandering approaches to manage wandering. New activity ideas and communication strategies. New resoures and web sites to enhance staff education" Administraotr

"There was alot of information to follow up and research." Activity Professional

"Lots of ideas for in-services. I will definately downlod the information. " Assisted Living Administrator

"Thank you for al the web resources for current information. Inservice opportunities for the staff will be great." Administrator

"Explantion of dementia activities I liked" Nurses Aide

"There were no disappointments. Provided good education on elopement."

"The entire semianr will be beneficail for me. I learned alot fo best practices that I will take back to my team. I learned alot." Assisted Living Administrator

"Loved all the resources and interventions." Assisted Living Administrator

"This refreshed many concepts I already knew." Nurses Aide

"Great refersheer on dementia care" Assisted Living Administrator LPN

"Very informational. Learned something new on every subject." ALM

"Great program. I do assessments for admissions in my community. The seminar made me realize that I need more in depth information to help our staff fully welcome and care for new residents." Admissions Marketing

"Information on so many free resources. Wandering and elopement ideas." CTRS

"I learned how to deal with catastrophic events and good scenerios. " RN

"Video woke me up in the afternoon. Stress test was real fun for real life. " RN

"The topic on elder speak was interesting and ways to communicate and approach clients was the most helpful and will be easily appreciate to the ccrc." OT

"Good resource list."

"I learned interventions in managing residents with dementia." Social Worker

"Great ideas and resources for activities as well as improvements ideas for wandering elopement issues." Activity Professional

"I learned how to prepare my staff more for providing care to clients with dementia. How to expand on ideas that I have already implemented. Resources availal be to my in my practice." DON Assisted Living Administrator.  

"I was very apprecitive of the role playing and resources given through out the session. I learned the benefits of being prepared to meet the specific needs of the the Alzheimer's dementia patient." Activity Professional

"Felt information was thorough, especially the sexuality portion. Enjoyed the inforamtion and variety of activities." Assisted Living Adminsitrator

"Strategies to prevent elopement, increase training at my community and conduct elopement drills." Assisted Living Administrator

"Wrote down alot of web sites and references." Administrator

"I learned care and management of persons with Alzheimer's Disease

"I learned important to document what they are wearing on a daily basis." Nurses aide

"Received great information about hoarding and am excited to take all the inforamtion to share with my staff. I learned to develope elopement policy and improve activity programs." LPN Assisted Living Administrator

  "Presenter very likeable. Maintained my interest. " Activity Professional

"Very informative and I love the sources for further research. Education for several sources for activities and that electrolity imblance causes a natural anaesthesia." Assisted Living Administrator

"I was pleased with the seminar" Nurses Aide

"Pleased with speaker and content. As a director of medical adult day are center, I gained a huge insight into the caregiving aspect of our program and ways to empower and encourge my caregiver teams."  Executive Director

"I liked the different web sites were very helpful." Director of Memory Care


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar

"I was impressed with the entire seminar. Ive worked with dementia Alzheimer's (patients) for 20 years and still came away with a wealth of knowledge. I learned techniques for dealing with Alzheimer's dementia patients as well as better was to educate my staff." RN

"The instructor kept me engaged. It wasn't boring. I have been working in senior living for 9 years and still learned alot of new information today. I learned new ideas for redirection and orientation. I learned that the lack of training is becoming more evident amongst our line staff." Assisted Living Administrator

"I appreciated how detailed and well organized the materials and the presention were. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. Wonderful suggestions on how to engage the training participants."  Nursing Home Administrator

"I learned that patients do not lose their problem solving skills.Great class! I learned more than I thought I would. Great trainer. Very knowledgable!" Nurses Aide

"Everything was awesome. Enoyed the enthusisuim of course." LPN

"I learned specific ways to have activities and ways to engage my staff. I learned how to communicate with dementia patients better. How to relate. How to treat. I want to use this information for staff meeeitngs to train  my staff." CTRS


Dial Retirement Communities
October 22nd 2014
Private Training
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar

"This is a great baseline introduction for all departments, all levels of the organization and all employees and families. (I learned) different options for providing care were explained and understood."
Jean Hartnett NHA CDP CADDCT
Vice President of Development

"The informaiton on sexual behaviors was so informative. I enjoyed the very thorough information. Lots of policies and things to add to occupancy agremeents and assessments."
Director Corporate Community Support

"I was very pleased with all the resources that were shared. It will help in the development of new forms and assessments. It will also help us provide better care for our tennants on a daily basis."
Crystal Maring RN BSN CDP CADDCT
Health Services Resource

"I enjoyed the various examples of items. I am very excited to have additional resources to look at via the web. I learbed that we are doing a great job caring for our residents is good with what we know now."  
Health Care Service Resource

"I believe it met the aspects we were looking for with a dementia program. Application of in-services need and researchings. Apply these services to our continuing educatin for front line staff."
Brianne Harris RN BSN CDP CADDCT
Director of Health Resources Department

"I liked the real stories and not just videos that were filmed. I learned more a bout how to deal with residnets with dementia and I gained knowledge on how to train my staff better." LPN

"Information that we had much coverage of ( I liked) sexuality and the numberous resources were also helpful. The web resources including the idea to check out activities interntionaly." Activity Professional

"Web sites to obtain information was great. Acitivity ideas were great." DON

"Helped to reenforce some other things I have learned previously." Assisted Living Administrator

"Great resources in the binder! A lot of great ideas to improve our activities program for dementia and assisted living residents" Activity Professional

"Apprecuated web sites abd referen ces provided." DON

"Very education. I enjoyed te entire seminar. I liked idea that the dining program is for eating not just socializing" Director of Dining

"I enoyed the real life stories" Assisted Living Administrator

"Loved the entire program, loved the resources and the binder. I Learned with support groups, ideas for activities, end of life an dhow to identify pain." Social Worker

"I learned about environment and noise control" Assisted Living Administrator

"I thought it was great. I thook this program years ago in NE and it is much improved. Job is about the care of the dementia patients." RN

"Ideas for calendars of resources were interesting through out. New practices for elders with dementia shapes the way we approach situations and programming." Activity Professional

"Well organized and great review" Administrator RN

"This was the first time sex was covered. I learned it is important to keep behavior records regarding likes and dislikes, triggers." Dietary

 "Loved it! I am a CDP already and loved going back over things. Love NCCDP!" Activity Professional

"Wealth of valuable information and contact sites, etc. I learned many levels of dementia care for our residnts. I learned importance of staff training." DON

"A lot of informaiton." Activity Professional

"Pleased lots of informaiton. I learned the importance of providing staff in-services." DON

"Everything was presented in a wonderful fresh way. Thank you! I learned too many things to mention." Administrator

"Enjoyed communication and feelings activiites and learning new things about depression and repetitive behaviors. I would like to impement the hydration program, affirmitive therapy, using props for exercise, am music programs and us ethe many activities and resources provided and a sensory room." Activity Professional

"Great information and covered alot. Increase exercise from once daily to twice daily, look up information, books, web sites and youtube video resources." Activity Professional

"Informative, long day. Enjoyed elopemebnt piece it was refreshing, made me thing about what our facility needs to add." DON

"Great content." Assisted Living Administrator

"Resources and references very helpful. Details on subject much more in depth than any programs I have attended anuallyin 15 years." Activity Professional

"It is my hope that our organization will implement many of these ideas and concepts. All are valuable and necessary." HR

"How to talk to dementia patients (l learned). HR

"I enjoyed the stress calulator. I learned how to communicate with dementia residents> I will apply this when I am in our commniities." Corporate Office

"Enjoyed the sotries, pace was good, great ideas and insight to take back, great resources shared, elopement plan, wandering kits and in-service ideas." Executive Director   

"Very engaging and content was very good, a new perspective." Administrator

" I liked her incredible energy and sense of humor." Executive Director

"I enjoyed the personal stories. I learned that even in activities I need to be more invol ved in customer care, example behavior log that I normally considered nursing." Activity Professional

"I learned to get new ideas from the internet." Activity Professional

"I will utilize binder and resources." Administrator

"I learned multiple ideas and approaches and how to cut down distractions for the residentson the unit, great interactive pcs to engage staff such as the stress test." DON


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
October 17th 2014
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Nellie Stolarz BS ADC CDP CADDCT CDCM

"Group interest and interaction great. I learned about death and dying, elopment and sexuality and the resident."   


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Chicago ILL
October 10th 2014


"This is my second CDP seminar and I found it much better than the 1sts. I appreciated the elopement part of the seminar. I will use this to teach staff in the future at my organization and I really enjoyed this course. It was a home run!!!!!"


Alzheime's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
DesMoines Iowa
September 30th 2014
Trainer: NCCDP Corporate Trainer Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CDP CDCM CADDCT

"I was thrilled with the entire presentation. the presenter was knowledablbe of the subject and her ability to keep the audience engaged. I learned a better knowledge of ways to present th eprogram to my staff and the public."
Jennifer Pope CDP CADD CT
The Atrium at Serenity Pointe

"Alot of information on person centered care and many ideas on how to incorporate it into resident care. Many new ideas for elopment and wandering interventions and policies. Anxious to read the hand outs and more thoroughly incorporate it into facility education for staff and families and residents. So much information and excited to review it and familiarize myself with it in order to pass it on."
Sherry Geerdes RN CDP CADDCT
Shady Rest Care Center

"The speaker was very well educated and I really enjoyed the information provided. I can't wait to take this information to others. I really enjoyed learning about indepth analysis of all types of dementia. I will be looking into starting a family, staff and resident education program."
Activity Director
Dells Nursing and Rehab Center

 "Very informated presenter. (I learned) updated information, presented new information and interventions and resources." LPN


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Richmond VA
October 7 2014
Trainer: NCCDP Corporate Trainer Sandra Stimson CALA ADC AC-BC CDP CADDCT CDCM

Pleased with understanding the material better. Thought the skits were stimulating. They made you think about how the personw with dementia might feel. (I learned) Need to educate the staff on sexuality and the importance of educating staff about dementia."
Nannette Wright RN BSN CDP CADDCT
St. Lenoard

"I really enjoyed the training and how it integrated statistics and the need for quality training to produce quality care. Sandra was able to move easily with both information and personal stories relating to the topics. There was alot of information given for 'practical care' of those with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias. The desire to become a trainer became even more important to me as a nurse so that I can train and influence others to give the superior care needed in this growing epidemic."
Kathleen Cresson, RN,CMC,CDP,CADDCT
Cresswell Group, LLC

"Loved the getting the new resources, It was a great presentation, I am anxious to share the information given with care givers, both in health care and the public."
I was very happy to get information on sexuality. This is something we struggle with. Wonderful to have resources and interventions to share." 
Chief Quality and Cultural Excellence Officer

"Presentation was great. High energy. Good examples and ideas to incorporate into the a facility or home care setting."
Lisa Herbert Meritt COTA / L CDP CADDCT 

"Mrs. Stimson very informative" Nursing Home Administrator
"Activities section - I learned it should be about their function and what they can do and enjoy." Memory Care Director
"I learned about plugging in more appropriate activities, care ideas and what not to do." Service Coordinator
"Sandra was very interesting and open about the changes that our future residents will bring. I learned so much.' Memory Care Director
"I enjoyed the skits and hands on situational examples. I learned about activity tips, web sites, commuication tools." Nursing Home Administrator
"I learned a number of things, all the resources and references are fantastic." LPN
"Sanda was an incrediable speaker, kept topic very interesting, though out the day. Working on staff training and web sites available ( I learned about)." DON
"Sandra was excellent, great sense of humor, wonderful and memorable stories. I learned not just management techniques for dealing with dementia customers but also ideas to help us run a stronger over all program in our facilities." Owner
"(I learned) Better assessment practices. Self protection course necessary, noise study needed, sexuality is a big issue that needs to be addressed." Owner
"Many great aspects of this covered many departments." Activity Professional
"Great information." Executive Director
"Like the interaction" Marketing Director
"Practical ideas like rummage dresser, recycled mail, sexuality, lots to implement an dlots to teach." Assisted Living Administrator
"I was pleased with the information that was given to me in reference to further learning, web sites, books,. I learned the importance of involving family more when it comes to understanding the residents needs. Also the importance to have CNA's trained in dealing with behavior." LPN
"So much great material, onl wish the seminar was longer so we could get even more information. Sandra made me look at things outside the box. Seeing the BIG picture in huge way to making difference in the customer, after 20 years in the health care field I was amazed at how much I truly learned." Activity Professional   


National Church Residences National Conference
September 22nd 2014
Speaker: Sandra Stimson CEO NCCDP

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge"
"Great job, much needed information. for staff."
"Thank you very helpful."
"It is wonderful that this subject / issue is being addressed. I have witnessed the effects of bullying has on the elderly persons and it breaks my heart."
"The speaker shared great information"
"Important information. Bullying happens everywhere. Good infomative presentation"
"Excellent session"
"Very good presentation. The presenter is very knowledgeable of the topic. Her introduction video was excellent and a good way to begin the class."
"good session"
"Fantastic Presentation"
"Information was interesting and usefull"
"Part 1 session very effective"
"Did get some good ideas"
"very pertinent topic that is prevelent in our properties and is becoming more of an issue."
"Fantastic presentation"
"Very informative"
"Sandra knows her materials"
"Program was good"
"Found both sessions very helpful. Given me some very practical steps and methods to address both bully and the victim. Flt more impowerred to deal with these behaviors." 
"Very knowledgable" 
Pretty good"
"very good"
"very good"
"very good"
"Excellent, great!"
"very good"
"very good"
"very good"
"very good"
"very good"
"very good"
"very good"
"very good"
"very good"
"very good"
"Very good"
"Very Good"
"Very good"


Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Monroe NJ
September 11th 2014
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CADDCT CDP

"Danielle was an excellent speaker that kept us inferested and engaged through out the seminar. I feel confident that I will be able to train others, she made it look easy. I learned how to market seminars and endo fo life care."
Stephanie Walsh CTRS CDP CADDCT 
Owner Director
Care Tactics, LLC 

"Excellent!!! Sexuality nd presenter made it fun, touched upon a delicate subject in an open educational format. I improved my skills and experience as a dementia educator. I will be providing education. 
Victor Arduini RN CDP CADDCT
Cobalt Healthcare and Rehab 

"Semnar was comprehensive and ifnormative. Provided a more holistic person centered approach on how to deal with a dementia population. A more holistic approach with the possibility of reducing medications for the patient. If we can alter the behavior of the staff on how to proivde care to the patient then perhaps we can alter the behavior of the patient there by reducing quanity of medicaitons.
Bashi Tepper RPh CDP CADDCT
Consultant Pharmacist

"Speaker was very knowledgable and passionate about materials. Enjoyed informaiton related to management of caregiver stress and inforamtion related to activities. I learned new ideas on behavior interventions and holistic approaches to dementia care. Will review with care team at my facility and implement.   
Jennifer Lobell ADC CDP CADDCT
Director of Recreation
Meridain Health ad Rehabilitation

"All pleased me and well presented. Will apply all information in an organizaed way and it is presented in a clear easy way."
Donna M Ercoline-Hogan CSW MSW CDP CADDCT
BLS Instructor

"Danielles passion was moving and inspiring. This class and her presence in the health care community give me hope and inspiration for the future of carig for people with dementia. I learned more ideas for the enviornment, clincial facts about dementia and ideas for care." CTRS

"I was pleased with information on communication. I will be able to teach the the CHHAs.: Home care owner

"I was pleased with chapter 5" RN 

"The content was fantastic and the speaker was ecellent.


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
September 9th 2014
NCCDP Corporate Instructor: Nellie Stolarz  CDP CADDCT

"Learned multiple resources online that will be invaluable"
Jennifer Hopkins RN MSN MHA CDP CADDCT

"I liked the interaction between instructor and students. Took notes, some ideas for activities and end of life (l learned). Good resources.
Geraldine H Stride BS CSW CSI CDP CADDCT

"Nellie did a great job, she was very personable"
Kathleen Plsikin LPN CDP CADDCT

"I previously attended the seminar but still learned more information.
Charles Christian Whitlock LCSW CSW-G MVF CdP CADDCT

"Speaker is very knowledgable. Speaker gave you something to think about and great ideas and suggestions in dementia care."
Activity Professional

"Many facts shared, glad to have the binder for a resource. I would have liked having the slides.  Enjoyed the conversation about sexuality, biggest takeway, "join their journey"  Activity Professional

"Would of liked to have slides. I learned how to better empower the staff. I learned about better space set up and organization for units." Speech Pathologist

"I was pleased with the content, examples given and great ideas for interventions. I like the initial asessment to give during admission to gain as much back ground knowledge as you can before intial care begins. Also the idas for deisgning dementia care unit." Social Worker

"It was interesting to see different types and aspects of dementia. The seminar over all was very informative.  I will teach my staff and co workers how to deal with families from a non clinical stand point." Social Worker

"Presenter was excellent, appreciated shared resources, I was able to garner new information through sharing stories, resources, specifically such as interventions for repetitive behaviors." Activity Professional

"Nellies personal experiences added much depth to course." EMT 


NADONA national conference 2014

Train the Trainer     CE Number : 2014-11
Speakers Ratings
5 4 3 2 1
Sandra Stimson, CADDCT, CALA, ADC, AC-BC, CDP, CDCM 9 0 0 0 0
Lynn Biot-Gordon, LCSW, CDP, MSW, LNHA, CADDCT 9 0 0 0 0
Number Of CE's Awarded Number of People Attending Number of CE Awarded 
10 9 90
Objectives Ratings 
  5 4 3 2 1
Provide fundamental education on dementia and dementia care. 9 0 0 0 0
Enhance the quality of life of dementia patients through educating care providers. 9 0 0 0 0
Foster sensitivity & respect for the dementia client. 9 0 0 0 0
Teach communication techniques, with use of role playing, demonstration, video, case studies. 9 0 0 0 0
Provide sensitive approaches for assisting patients with activities of daily living 8 1 0 0 0
Identify common causes of aggressive, repetitive and sundowning behaviors in older adults. 9 0 0 0 0
Describe behavioral/care interventions that may be used to prevent, reduce or eliminate difficult care situations. 8 1 0 0 0
Discuss challenges related to caregiver stress and utilize stress reduction techniques. 7 2 0 0 0
Learn alternative activity interventions that are success oriented and failure free. 8 1 0 0 0
Demonstrate and communicate how to deal with catastrophic events. 7 2 0 0 0
Review and illustrate how repetitive behaviors and sun-downing affect those with dementia, and identify techniques to use for each. 9 0 0 0 0


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Seattle Washington
August 1st 2014
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Sandra Stimson AP-BC ADC CALA CDP CDCM CADDCT

"I am extremely pleased with the entire seminar...wonderful! I learned so much on a variety of new information that I will be very happy to help inform home care givers and individuals attending the Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care seminar (when I present it).
Rachelle Fengler
Simply U Helath Care Services-Canada

"The behavior interventions and activities sections were especially wonderful. Chapters 3, 4, 5, 7 included some new information with extensive interventions ideas that are great." Spiritual Care Manager

"Its an informative and enriching seminar." RN

"I liked the real life examples. Several good activity ideas presented." Activity Professional

"Veru functional information! Will come in handy in all apsets of my job. (I will apply)  everything to my job. PT  

"I especially liked the in-services and websites (resources provided) and your committment and passion for this field. The module on communication and feelings ( I learned about). OT


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Columbus Ohio
July 10th 2014
NCCDP Corporate Trainers:

"It was wonderfully delivered with valuable relevant information. I really appreciated the personal stories and examples. I learned very specific useful pieces that were new to me even after more than 22 years in health care. Thank you so much."
Director of Clinical Reimbursement

"Speaker number 1 was very knowledgeable, her experience, knowledge and passion was very rewarding."
Leaderstat Staff Development

"The materials related to sexuality was very helpful. I found that this training was the most comprehensive materials and is well coordinated for a trainer. The materials on behaviors and how I can teach care givers how to better individualized care to residents and families."

"The information was very well presented and organized. I am very pleased with this seminar. All the information will be knowledgeable in my career. Wandering, hoarding was able to learn additional information."
Donna Karapetin LRT CTRS

"I heard at least one new thing from each section. Very comprehensive. Lots of good information. I feel confident that I will be offering up to date and complete information."
Director of Education
Hanson Services

"I thought it was great. The wanderer chapter was great. There was a lot of the chapter on wandering I loved. staging, information on exiting doors, etc."

"I was pleased with the expertise of Danielle. I am excited to pass on this information to my staff of CNA's for them to be dementia trained."
Brightstar of Norwalk CT

"I saw presenter's as subject matter, expert! Resources were beyond what I had as an 18 year educator"
Melanie Whitfield LNHA CDP CADDCT
Marketing Director
Arden Courts  Memory Care Community

"handouts in the student binder are excellent. The fact that there are no longer 6 to 7 states of dementia / Alzheimer's disease was new information to me. The resources provided will be extremely helpful for me in the future."
Altoona Center for Nursing Care

"(I was pleased) with the trainers expertise. I will apply the new training techniques."
Corporate Director of Dementia Services
Compass Pointe Healthcare Services

"Material was very well organized. I learned good marketing strategies."
Memory Care Director
Kingston Health Care

"The in depth training on diagnosis, prognosis, modules and the curriculum was a breath of fresh air. The additional mixtures of sexuality, palliative and hospice which I can incorporate into my future training to the line staff and others."
Gail Shivers CDP CADDCT
Dementia Coordinator of Champaign County Nursing Home

"Very comprehensive. Great handouts. Tips on educating staff and family members on sexuality."
Kimberly Jornd CTRS CDP CADDCT
Long Term Care Consultant
Outcome Services of ILL

"Great ideas for wandering, elopement, assessment, books this be especially helpful to give to directors at my facilities. Love the refresher on SDAT. Hoarding idea for fireman visit, I am doing this! 
Infection Prevention
Advantage Management Group

"The information was delivered at a pace that kept us all engaged. I am walking away with a wealth of information offering me great opportunity to expand my business supporting my care giving topics as it relates to dementia and Alzheimer's.
Jill L Gafner CDP CADDCT
Global Training Expert

"The level of knowledge possessed by the training staff was very impressive and pertinent. The amount of additional resources is vastly larger than I was aware of. I will attempt to utilize as much as possible to improve my clients experience. 
Kevin Ratzmunn FF PM CDP CADDCT
Chief Operating Officer
Assist V Inc

"Personal experiences of instructors and input that the instructors encouraged from other participants. (I learned) to many to list, it was like I was a dry sponge and the instructors were the water." RN

"Very informative. Too much to use. But most importantly. I gained a huge amount of information and I am very grateful. Great job." Agency owner

"I learned about approaches in communication ideas for training staff and I liked the personal stories." OT

Danielle was a great communicator presenter. I loved her humor and insight. Telling her stories about her millie made it feel personal. I learned about sexuality and the elderly." OT

"Abundance of information, bibliographic resources, hand books and personal real life stories and examples. I learned too much to list here. Definitely need increased staffing to implement a better program and training time." Administrator

"It was all very interesting. I learned so much for our new memory care unit." Activity Professional.


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Tarrytown NY
May 22 2014
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon COO

"I did my masters in Alzheimer's disease. This lecture was outstanding. The student handout notebook was excellent and beautifully organized and packed with information. Great opportunities were sought and used for group dialoguer. Aside from being an RN, a licensed nursing home administrator, holding 2 degrees in gerontology, I still had things to learn from the instructors  and the fellow audience members. The update on medications was especially helpful to me." RN LNHA Gerontologist Community Health Planner 

"As an activity program director I will apply this knowledge for staff training."

"I was happy with the entire presentation. I learned how to present a comprehensive training to address symptoms related to dementia." Activity Director

"The display of knowledge by the instructors was very encouraging. As the DON in a long term care facility I have gained so much knowledge from this training that I will enable me to set up a program in our facility that will meet the needs of our residents families with dementia Alzheimer's as well as help our staff provide quality care in a safe environment." DON

"The aspect of depression was very insightful. Now I should be able to identify how they present depressive feelings. I did learn allot, can not be counted but I hope to systematically apply all that I learned." Psychologist


"Kept me interested and connected." CTRS

"The speaker was dynamic. Fantastic presentation." RN

"Excellent program" Consultant Pharmacist

"Great resources. Effective upbeat presenter." CTRS

"I was pleased with Lynn's sense of humor and presentation style. Also her use of vignettes and case examples. Good flow of topics interweaving how the various components blend together in the evaluation and care of individuals." CCM


Hello Sandra,

What a wonderful and knowledgeable class you gave to us at Andover on Wednesday. Thanks so much for all the good info you shared with us. I will definitely be in touch with you.

Thanks, Nini


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Nellie Stolarz CALA ADC CADDCT CDP
Pittsburgh PA
June 20th 2014

"Instructor did a great job. I plan to use information to do training in my facility and train the community." Bob Bagdon 

"Loved all the books given to us. Great resources. Some good activities (ideas). Ruth Hardke

"enjoyed learning about different ways to keep clients busy and entertained. Helpful to learn how to interact with dementia individuals. How to train others to work with Alzheimer's dementia clients." Maria B. Brophy

"I learned about symptoms of dementia, sexuality interventions and additional resources."  Administrator

"The student handout notebook great resource!!! Good supply of websites for additional information, this increased my understanding of depression , dementia over lap treating depression and then dementia assessments." COTA / L

"As a new member of personal care home I found the activities section very helpful. I will be bringing back new activities to my community"

"I enjoyed the activity idea portion. I learned about live feeds, asking vendors for volunteering, include more hydration and different activities." Activity Professional

"I got allot of ideas to take back to my facility to try. Ideas to help calm residents that we can get either through books, internet, just things we can try at our facility."LPN

"I was never bored in this seminar. I learned they are always problem solving." LPN


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Class
Alzheimer's disease and dementia care seminar
Dallas TX
June 16th 2014
Instructor: NCCDP Corporate Staff Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CDP CADDCT

"I was pleased with the personal touch that was added by Danielle. I learned I need to educate myself more regarding sexuality to provide education to staff that I will be training."

"The presentation on sexuality was very helpful. We get alot of questions on sexuality dealing with male veterans. So I learned allot on how to deal with sexuality issues when they come up."
Barbara McKenzie MA CDP CADDCT
Project Manager Health Science Specialist
James A Haley VA

"Very well done. Increased my knowledge regarding the sexuality content. Made me feel more confident regarding content. The entire content and delivery of the training was great. Thank you for the opportunity to give this information to others."
Kathryn Packard MS MEd LPC CDP CADDCT
Director of Education
Oaklawn Center on Aging

"The presenter was very effective in the delivery of the seminar and I appreciate her expertise. I learned new information on Alzheimer's care especially how Canada has more to offer than US (in information) " Administrator

"Hard to say, I learned much." Student

"All information was enlightening" LPN

"I enjoyed listening to personal examples from the presenter. It helped to solidify topics. I have obtained many useful and wonderful resources to provide for caregivers." OT

"Most pleased by comprehensive overview of all aspects of dementia. Concise up to date information." Geriatric Care Manager

" I learned about aggressive behaviors and intimacy and sexuality apply to education."

"instructor was very funny and made material very interesting with stories. Learned how to deal with residents that have behaviors." Activity Professional

"The student handout notebook was very thorough. I increased my knowledge of behaviors associated with dementia and how to better manager them. Also gained knowledge on how to integrate procedures to enhance dementia programs" Speech Pathologist

"I learned to utilize wandering and increasing activities and CNA's mht behavior approach." CTRS


NADONA National Conference
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Seminar
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
June 7th 2014
Anaheim CA
Instructors: Lynn Biot Gordon NCCDP COO
                 Sandra M Stimson NCCDP CEO

"Enjoyed the personal knowledge and the way instructors presented. Learned a lot the holistic way to treat residents as a whole being, how to communicate with the Alzheimer's residents."
The Manor at Blue Water Bay

"I was very impressed with the knowledge and energy tat the course was taught. They (trainers) brought to my attention the greatest aspects of being in this profession and why I should do this. This is a great course for anyone wanting to further the journey of staff education. I learned allot about incorporating the spirit of the person in the care that is provided. That when caring for people with dementia you need to be in their reality and live their truth. Reality orientation is no longer the standard of care, it is actually an obstacle to care in a person with dementia." 
Director of Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance
Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community

"The practical stories and experiences that each speaker had and shared with us really brought the points home clearly about each topic. The course was fantastic due to the trainers. The stalling information shared by Lynn was such a practical information that can be used for caregivers and family training. The spiritual information was so enlighten and I will share with my employees"

"Both trainers were insightful and not only provided knowledge base training but provided us with great tools to improve care for our customers with Alzheimer's disease. Practical simple basic to care for residents with Alzheimer's disease. They strongly improved my knowledge base of the dementia care needs for caring for customers with Alzheimer's disease."
K. Denise Shanklin RN RAC-CT CDP CADDCT
Vice President Clinical Services
Cascade Health Services

"I was pleased with the flow of the overall material covered" 
Cyndie Neotti CDP CADDCT
Precious Moments Specialized Private Care

"Lynn and Sandy are very knowledgeable. I love the stories and examples. Brings life to the presentation. I learned about diversity and cultural competence." 
Barbara Baylis RN MSN CDP CADDCT
Providigm LLC

"Great information, it was all great information The activity portion was new information and very informative. I have always struggled with good activity programs and I am expected on my memory unit to try the new ideas. I will implement many of the activity ideas. I believe the course has many creative ideas. I also loved the chapter on communications and feeling chapter. I believe the information will be very valuable for my facility staff." 
Louise Kalchek RN CDP CADDCT
Mariner Health Care

"I was particularly pleased with the real life experiences that the presenters provided. Both were not only knowledgeable but passionate about the subject. This was wonderful. I learned more tips and ideas for engaging and intervening with the residents. I plan to teach the Alzheimer's dementia care seminar. I am available to teach in any state in the United States. I learned teaching strategies and ways to market my business."
Perry and Associates Health Care Education

"Thank you so much!!! I was impressed that there was so much emphasis on a person's spirit. Often times as a nurse the seminars I attend are much more clinical and less human."
Successful Outcomes and Solutions LLC

"I was really impressed the quality content of the seminar. For a 12 hour class it held my attention and kept my interest. Both Lynn and Sandy really know their stuff. Great seminar. I learned more in depth insight to those suffering with cognitive loss and our lack of in depth approach to this illness. I plan to relay the powerful message of the spirit and its development and our need to fully respect and appreciate the gift of sharing in this amazing honor in providing care , sharing in their life."
Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Training
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Hartford CT
May 13th 2014
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Sandra Stimson CALA ADC AC-BC CDP CADDCT CDCM

"Liked pace, was just right. Will be able to provide more cornice training to our clients to help improve memory care programs and delivery of care and services."

"engagement from presentation to and with students was very present and enjoyable. How to present the materials. Sandy demonstrated with confidence and knowledge. Brentwood Senior Living communities will benefit from this seminar in the increase level of care provided to our residents."

"I was very impressed with the real life examples shared by the presenter. The information on sexuality was most thought provoking. I was also pleased to learn more about the LBGT population and their needs."
Dementia Services Educator
Williamsburg Landing

"Presenter was very knowledgeable in the subject and answered all questions very well. I will utilize all the information I learned today in educating our staff to perform their jobs better and to meet state requirements."
Vice President - Trainer
Expert Staffing
"received increase knowledge of we b sites and information on dementia. Appreciated in room activity. gained increase knowledge to assist dementia patients."

"student hand out notebook had a wide range of materials I learned there is no excuse for lack of training, respect, dignity, appropriately tailored life enrichment activities, etc. for residents of ltc. I will recommend your training at all our facilities for our agency consultants that provide services. . Thank you for providing an organized approach." Psychologist.

"great reminder and refresher of what we do right and wrong. Revaluate actions to an action to give the best quality care and dignity of course." LPN

"The bell choir idea has me very excited to get and organize different seasonal concerts. There are so many available resources for us to access and use. The initial assessment tools will give us a much better picture of our new residents." Activity Professional

Enjoyed the activities" RN.

"Sandra was very interesting to listen to and extremely knowledgeable. She held my attention for 8 hours. Much of the information I knew however it was a good review. Also it was up to date regarding trends for 2014." Administrator  

"I was pleased there were several resources given. I learned quite a bit, several ideas for suggestions for improving our facility" LPN

"I learned activity ideas, resources, and doing a noise study." LPN

"Very nice sample ideas for recreation programs." DON


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Class
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
April 23 2014
San Diego CA
Instructor NCCDP Corporate Trainer Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP CADDCT

"As a health educator I find this curriculum to be a very useful tool for my future endeavors."

"I am glad that the topic of sexuality is discussed."
Renaissance Villages Senior Living


"Validation that body language plays is a huge part in resident behavior. The information given will help me communicate more effectively with my team and family members in so may aspects of the seminar " Assisted Living Administrator 

"Lynn is a dynamic speaker who lends life experience when speaking. She also uses humor to keep the audience interested. All content is relevant and appropriate to dementia care. I learned how to present information to care givers in a meaningful way." DON

"I learned different perceptions observations in dealing with people with dementia."  Occupational Therapist

"The course was very personal and (i liked) feeding the soul and spirituality." LVN


Train the Trainer  CADDCT Class
Grand Rapids Michigan
April 15th 2014
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CDP CADDCT

"Excited on all levels. (I learned about) Teach staff how our attitude and behavior effects our residents." LPN

"Great speaker, kept me actively listening." Wellness Director

"Interesting to learn about how the rest of the world provides care. (I liked) Wandering kits suggestions for facility." CTRS 

"Organized interesting presentation, good examples. ( I learned) Increase my use of validation work on reducing environmental distractions, create wandering kits." Activity Professional

"(I learned) what other parts of the world are doing and how advanced they are. Really all the information I was pleased with. I would like to take all of this knowledge I learned to help spread it to my staff and give them a spark. Activity Profesional


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
April 17th  2014
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Danielle Micale MHA LNHA CTRS CADDCT CDP

"The anecdotal stories allowed me to realize the subject matter in a way that was relatable. (I learned) Some of the additional ways we may be more sensitive to recognizing our residents more as individuals through the assessment process will be very useful for improving a smooth transition to our communities."
Tadd Clelland LSW CDP CADDCT
Senior Living Residences LLC

"I was particularly pleased with the presenters use of examples where practical strategies based on understanding of the disease process were utilized to help staff and residents understand the dementia to succeed. (I learned) strategies that stood out include the recipe box to give all shifts of caregivers such accessible resource to personalize their responses to particular residents experiencing difficult behaviors." 
Robert F Larkin JD CDP CADDCT
Senior Living Residences, LLC

"It was all good. I like the wandering information. I learned about improving assessment tool"
Annika D'Andrea LPN CDP CADDCT
Tender Loving Family Care Inc

"very organized. Speaker very passionate about material and presentation. I have a much better idea and improved knowledge about working with the patient population." Physical Therapist

"I learned tips to train care givers." Occupational Therapists

"So well laid out with useable information. I like the recipe box of ideas for staff to use as a reference. Easy for them to add their own observation." LPN

"Importance of sexuality in assisted living Loved the recipe box and the hallway decorating style." DON

"Very please I did training which seemed to be more clinical and this covered the actual dementia resident. (I learned) A very good understanding and the ability to be assertive when helping family members understand their loved ones." Activity Professional

"New ideas and resources about all aspects of care. Would have liked more on activities. I can't specifically (what I learned) identify new learning as much as a deeper knowledge." Social Worker

"The focus on how to educate family members was very helpful. That there are types of wandering that best provide activity choices when sun downing is occurring." CTRS

"I learned about a recipe box (tips for caregivers". Social Worker

"Actual hands on experience. Wanderer assessment form and great information and questionnaires for in-services." Activity Professional

"was informative and clearly stated." Councilor


Omaha NE
March 14th 2014
Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer CADDCT Class
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Corporate Trainer

"Lynn was an excellent instructor, very engaging and made the materials very interesting. The material and Lynn held my attention the whole day. I appreciate having the instructor manual and student notebook all organized and ready to go. As an Alzheimer's Care Director, I look forward to providing the opportunity for dementia caregivers to become CDP's as we work on making St Louis Park a dementia capable community." 

As a long seminar I was concerned about being bored and the subject matter holding the class attention. This seminar was phenomenal and very educational.  As a memory care LPN who will be part of the opening of a new memory care unit, I will be able to put all of these tools to use educating my staff. There are many aspects to dementia education that were covered in this course to keep people very informed and educated in all aspects of dementia. Lynn is very inspiring and knowledgeable and we all appreciated her sharing her knowledge with us."
Pauline Borkowski LPN CDP CADDCT

"I was inspired by the personal touches Lynn contributed to the class. The education was fresh and practical to use. I enjoyed every second of my 12 hour day. I learned the importance of going to the basics the  memory impaired never loose their problem solving skills, I really appreciated the practical techniques that were given. To also go outside of the US for information."  
Tawnya Christansen CDP CADDCT

"The speaker was well versed in all aspects of the curriculum. I learned about teaching people thow to cope with the disease and give residents qualify of life."
Lisa Ost-Belkmann ADC CDP CADDCT

"Lynn was very knowledgeable. She taught in a way that was engaging and understandable. I love that I continue to learn even being in the industry for as long as I have. Hats off to Lynn." David Lovato

"Lots of excellent information on dementia care." Activity Professional

"Our facility is opening a memory care unit as well as seeing increase in dementia residents in AL and skilled. Therapy works closely with nursing staff and activities and I will be able to use this information to create a more enjoyable and safe environment with the nursing activities."  OT

"It was great content, especially giving an overall view of dementia. I would like to hear more about diseases causing dementia.  I learned about handling family issues, especially with the disease and identifying the disease symptoms not the person." CTRS

"This was one of the best presentations I have attended. I learned about developing a dementia program and will use all the resources( from the class)." Social Worker 

"I learned about support for the families, engaging activities, preparing families for admission, and you really engaged the group." Marketing

"She was very engaging and passionate. Well informed and researched. I learned about accepting the changes that come and to try to help families understand." CTRS

"I really liked all of the seminar I learned different techniques to deal with families dealing with the dementia stages." Activity Professional

"Presenter was very engaging and the curriculum involved the students. Lots of information and new resources to research." LPN


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
March 14th 2014
Bethesda MD
Instructor: NCCDP Corporate Trainer Sandra Stimson CALA ADC AC-BC CDP CDCM CADDCT

"Great materials. Humor and activities very appropriate to enhance learning. Very thorough presentation covering very important aspects of dementia care for many disciplines. Additional information in most all areas covered. This course will enable me to bring valuable Alzheimer's disease and dementia education to the various facility locations owned by the company where I work as well as other business in neighboring locations." 
Asbury Methodist Village

"I enjoyed the stories and role playing as well as the organization of the materials. Not only is the research drawn from the US but also incorporates research from other countries. At the seminar, I learned how vast and in depth the research, resources and commitment of NCCDP are. If you have a passion in working with persons with dementia, this organization can keep you up to date and informed of best practices."
Forget Me Not Consulting

"I really enjoyed the activities that engaged the audience. Sandy is enthusiastic and energetic trainer, really knowledgeable about subject matter and it shows. Great practical ideas in modules. I especially enjoyed the section on nutrition and hydration."
Gerontology Nurse Specialist
Chesapeake Regional Medical Center

"Loved involving the class in demonstrations to make them feel vested in the materials application. I learned about better communication techniques staff can implement to decrease anxiety in both residents and staff."
Lesley Harris RN CDP CADDCT
Atlantic Nursing and Rehab Facility

"I loved the cultural competence and spiritual care topics. Sandy had great example and news articles to illustrate elopement wandering and all the other topics. I'm excited to able to bring this to CNA"s and other direct care associates in my organizations. Ill also be excited to be able to offer this education in Georgia where our education opportunities in dementia care aren't plentiful."
Tina M. Valdes MS CDP CADDCT
Director of Humanities
Ethica Health and Retirement Communities

"Sandy's humor was great and loved all of the resources. As I provide consultations to nursing homes and ALF.s, wealth of information to share with facilities, ombudsman and volunteers." RN

"So impressed and appreciate the information. I will use everything in this book and knowledge shared by Sandy today." Director of Operations of Homecare

"I was pleased with the entire program and really enjoyed the speaker Sandy.  Loved it! I learned many programs and ideas that I can implement." Activity Professional

"Outstanding in all areas. Sandy is passionate about dementia care and is a pleasure to learn from. She is very dynamic. Best seminar I have ever attended. Sandy is outstanding in all areas of the presentation." Activity Professional 

"Policy and procedures for outings, Sandy talk about having seniors wearing bright yellow shirts (if elopement risk) is great idea. I learned to do Murals every month with a theme. I think seniors would love this activity." Activity Professional

"I loved the knowledge she brought, the encouragement she gave. She kept my attention the entire day.  Be bold. Try new things, ask,, learned what new techniques are used in all disciplines." Activity Professional

"I like the activity ideas and pretty much everything that was covered I liked" Owner of Cargiving Agency

"Examples cited when discussing topics were pleasing. Variety of resources available. " RN

"The slides were more helpful and information towards how to interact with patients on a daily basis. Especially the communication section. I work in the health care field. I learned different ways to communicate with individuals with dementia because each one is unique." Physical Therapist.

"Sandy's interaction and involvement with us all (I was pleased with). I learned to conduct a noise study yearly. So much more I learned and it really made me rethink my position." Activity Professional 


Thank you Sandra. Your presentation (seniors bullying seniors) was excellent and we hope to continue to spread your message. Best regards, Rochella Vassell, Central West Regional Consultant


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Philadelphia PA
February 4th 2014
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon MS LCSW CDP CADDCT

"The resources are great. It is all there for us to utilize in our training programs. The discussion piece was beneficial"
Jessica Ferraro CDP CADDCT
Vice President of Training and Program Development
Senior Living Communities

"The training offers great ideas for enhancing the life of our Alzheimer's residents."
Heather Tussing CDP CADDCT
Director of Compliance of Quality Improvement
"The seminar exceeded my expectations.  That each person has their inner spirit that is never taken. Using this information in developing programs for our system." 
Corporate Director of Clinical Operations
CHE Trinity

"It was all pleasing (the seminar). I learned many things." Memory Care Coordinator

"Very informative , lots to share with my co workers. Each module was relevant and provided an opportunity to share with interdisciplinary team." Activity Professional / Admissions

"Speaker was very good. Kept my attention. More of a better knowledge of dementia and how to cope with the disease ( I learned)"  Internal Medicine

"the materials provided will be a huge resource for me in my practice. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the non medical aspects of dementia and it will help me provide a more holistic care of my patients.  I learned some new ways to help direct and redirect my patients especially those that are agitated and confused. It was also a good refresher on how to communicate with dementia patients, both verbal and non verbal. It cause me to re-examine my own communication style." CRNP 

"Lynn was an excellent enthusiastic speaker overall. I thought the course was excellent, it was very well rounded. I learned how to handle wanderers, dealing with sexuality, rationale behind sun downing and treatment, the strength of the spirit despite dementia." Physician

"She was very knowledgeable. learned about different brain games and reversible and non reversible dementia's." Nursing Home Administrator.

"Really enjoyed the entire seminar. I will apply my knowledge to my aides working in the homes of Alzheimer's disease and dementia patients"  Angel Companions Home Healthcare Director 

"Great speaker. Very engaging. Kept an 8 hour day interesting, enjoyed the voodoo and sex talk.  I learned about specific symptoms, behaviors and how to address them." RN


CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class
Alzheimer's disease and Dementia Care Seminar
February 11th 2014
Monroe NJ

(I was pleased) "with the intellect and research that was discussed. I learned so much. I learned a about the DSMS updates that was of particular interest to me. The amount of research conducted and professional attitude was a great role model for my future conducting Alzheimer's disease and dementia care seminar. Loved the involvement of the class." 
Jennifer Petrenko CDP CADDCT
Enriched Life Director
Compass on the Bay

"The information on sexuality and wandering was particularly helpful.  There were many helpful suggestions with regards meaningful activities and relevant policies."
Melinda McGullam LCSW CDP CADDCT
External Case Manager
Arista Care at Whiting

"Pleased to be able to present information to staff in an informed and organized fashion. Pleased with supportive materials and video."
Kathleen Schneider MS CTRS CADDCT CDP

"Seminar was very informative and detailed. Entire presentation applicaple".

"I was pleased with the discussion about personalizing the facility , children's clothes, kitchen, etc. Love the quotes and personalization's." CTRS

"Great job. Every engaging. Very comprehensive seminar, interesting, subject area of sexuality and intimacy. Out of the box good ideas/ thinking examples of interventions, hoarding and wandering behaviors." Social Worker

"A wonderful review for me. Very knowledgeable presenter. Great references, great activities for patients and families."


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Class  CADDCT
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
January 24th 2014
Chicago IL
NCCDP Corporate Trainer: Lynn Biot Gordon MS LCSW CADDCT CAP

"The course was the most comprehensive training I have ever received regarding dementia in my career. As an Executive Director and nurse and seminar instructor, I found this seminar to be filled with examples of realistic pertinent information to apply in every day life. Lynn was very passionate about the material and extremely knowledgeable."
Tammy Virgili CADDCT CDP

"I was please with the entire program content and course presentation. It was a wonderful approach to understanding dementia. As an RN and PCH administrator of memory care unit, I found this course fresh and enlightening This is "real world" information that you can apply immediately after leaving the class."

"As a clinical nurse educator, this seminar is an invaluable resource for improving staff skills in care of patients with dementia. I would have preferred more interactive learning although I understand the time constraints."
Sonja Reschke RN CADDCT CDP

"As a memory care facilitator the knowledge that I gained will allow me to provide a better education session for my staff. This was by far the best seminar I have attended. Lynn was awesome!"

"I am pleased with the resource binder and links so I can continue my research. I am going to be a LNHA and I want to be ab le to promote quality service to all residents, families and staff."
Nurses Aid / Social Worker

"This seminar was great! Lynn Gordon has a very personable way of sharing her knowledge while keeping it interesting." Speech Pathologist

"(I was pleased with) Being able to discuss sexuality aspects of dementia residents. I learned about using activities that are age appropriate, educating the staff and stress activities." LPN 

"The relevance of one's spirit and tying it in with the medial aspect of the disease was very important view point, never looked at it that way. I learned about blankets, views, care, etc. Extraordinary point!" RN 

"I learned about communication techniques" Admission and Marketing

"I enjoyed the presentation and will be taking a lot and putting it into practice." Activity Professional

"I really liked the point where it talks about how the dementia residents are in an enlightened state and how imperative it is to provide support to the caregivers. I learned a lot of new stuff. Reminded me of why I am in this field." DON

"I really enjoyed the facilitators energy. I really enjoyed knowing that CDP's are all over the world and I would like to bring this program to Trinidad." Social Worker

"the whole presentation was wonderful and well presented. The importance of supporting the resident, their families and our staff and myself." Activity Professional

"Excellent presenter" Activity Professional

"There was a lot of really good information. Good articles, hand out information for dementia staff in-services." Social Worker

"I was pleased with all components of the training. Sexuality and intimacy important and will be integrated into the regional training for dementia care staff." Activity Professional 

"I love that she used real life examples and situations to describe each module. So many new things about updated research, studies, resources." Activity Professional

"I really appreciated the emphasis on the importance of activities. I also appreciated the discussion about intimacy and sexuality. I learned how to individualize activities and comfort measures, sun downing as communication of being ill at ease with the environment. I will in service my staff and discuss spiritual care" Social Worker

"Very well done. I learned so much" Educator


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer / CADDCT Class
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
Providence Rhode Island
January 14th 2014
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Sandra Stimson CADDCT CDP CDCM CALA ADC AC-BC

"I truly enjoyed the seminar. Great information represented in a clear fashion. All topics were informative."

"Section 7 on activities was amazing. I have a better understanding of memory care and how programming can improve the qualify of life for the resident."
Joshua J Freitas CDP CADDCT Director of Memory Care Services and Programming Benchmark Senior Living

"The speaker was extremely engaging and used a lot of role playing to maintain the interests of the attendees. I enjoyed all the topcis especially dining and sexuality in the long term care setting."
Saint Mary Home 

"As a Quality Assurance and Education Director at Omnicare I am particularly pleased that this seminar prepared me to reach many health care professionals and front line staff to best care for our dementia population with respect and understanding. I specifically learned about conducting effective elopement strategies."  LuAnn M Cabino CDP CADDCT
Director of Quality Assurance and Education
Omnicare of CT

"The Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Seminar and Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer class offers a fresh approach and innovative approach to caring for those with dementia. It was presented in a clear, concise an d organized manner. The modules / chapters on behavior were especially helpful with regard to intervention and explanations of the process going on with the person with dementia brain.
Anne M. Cabral LSW ABA BC-AC CDP CADDCT  Silvercreek Manor QA Director

"I enjoyed the flow of the course-it was easy to follow and will make teaching course very meaningful. The information I learned in the class will allow me to increase the knowledge of my staff and will help us to provide better quality care to our Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia patient."
Executive Director
Kindred Transitional Care and Rehab Eagle Pond

"Great information and resources. A lot of information was in the hand out notebook. I learned I needed better assessment questions and resources as well as gaps in our existing staffing models and policies and procedures." Activity Professional

"I learned ways to deal with wanderers, to have CNA's in the day room, to have polices for elopement, ways to educate on dying and understanding my role in activity is important." Activity Professional

"I was pleased by the level of knowledge and expertise. I learned that there are a lot of new ideas and interventions and live feeds, technologies available for health care providers." Activity Professional

"Pleased with examples that complimented the subject matter. All of the activity web sites, books, ideas that will make me complete my job even better. She was incredibly well informed." Activity Professional   

"Glad she touched upon sexual and intimacy with Dementia residents. It can very uncomfortable for staff to deal with especially when they don't have the information on how to handle the situations. We are currently revamping the activity calendar and trying to increase hours to provide more small groups for dementia residents, working with DON to have CNA's involved more." Activity Professional

"The speaker  was able to grab my attention and I was able to hold my attention on the speaker the whole time. I have now new ideas for activities and activity organization for my facility." Activity Professional

"I enjoyed the activities section. I liked the resources." Nurses Aide Director of Therapeutic Recreation


Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar CADDCT
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care
Ft. Lauderdale Florida
NCCDP Corporate Trainer Lynn Biot Gordon

"Everything was very helpful. Great Information. I can share with my out patient setting." Social Worker

"I enjoyed being able to hear the real life experiences that went along with the course materials. Practically everything was new to me." Social Worker

"I enjoyed the entire presentation and learned a great deal. I learned educating staff on dementia care, particularly on dignity issues and end of life care." Assisted Living Administrator

"I enjoyed the personal experiences discussed by the trainers Lynn and Diane. This added a great deal of my understanding of the whole patient concerns and issues. Each person diagnosed with dementia (AD or otherwise must be treated in a unique and individualized manner, including their own culture, profession, familiar and social back grounds" . 
Rona Schwarzberg MS SLP

"I loved the personal stories about family members. I never realized how the elderly may be abusing drugs etc and how HIV and sexuality transmitted diseases are on the rise in the elderly. I loved the idea of using index cards for staff and others in helping working with dementia residents. I will try this."
Owner and Administrator
Rosewood AFC



I just wanted to say a huge thank you for providing such an awesome Dementia Care Seminar.  It was very informative and the information I received, I will incorporate in my future inservices.  I’m very happy I attended!