ADDC Seminars

The ADDC seminar is the required seminar for those pursuing certification as a CDP Certified Dementia Practitioner and who qualify for CDP certification.

Your first step on your journey for CDP certification is to complete the Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care seminar. The seminar rates are posted on the website.

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Seminar Options

NCCDP Seminars are offered in multiple formats – available to anyone looking to become CDP certified, CADDT certified, and more.  Learn more about our seminars, or visit our calendar to learn more about seminars happening near you.

Corporate Seminars

NCCDP hosts the ADDC seminar 3-4 times per month with a mix of in-person and virtual sessions available. These corporate seminars are presented by one of our VPs of Corporate Training. NOTE: CADDCT candidates must attend a corporate seminar.

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Approved Trainer Seminars

These ADDC seminars are presented by Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainers who have been certified by NCCDP. The curriculum and programming of these approved trainer seminars is identical to corporate seminars.

NCCDP Webinars

NCCDP hosts virtual webinars multiple times a month on various industry topics. Earn CEUs for your NCCDP certifications. Click below to learn more about our Virtual Webinars.

Note: Webinars are not for obtaining certifications.  You must attend an ADDC Seminar to get your CDP.
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