Dementia Care Certifications

The certifications offered by NCCDP are open to healthcare professionals, front-line staff, educators, association staff, government agency staff, personnel in correctional facilities, support staff, mobile service providers, clergy, senior advisory firms, elder care attorneys, and other individuals supporting the health care industry and who qualify for certification.

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Login to your account and if eligible to renew, a renewal button will be visible on your account page. The renewal button will show up 60 days prior to the expiration date.

About Certifications Offered by NCCDP

The certifications offered by NCCDP are open to healthcare professionals, front line staff, educators, association staff, government agency staff, First Responders and Correctional Personnel, ancillary staff, mobile companies, senior advisor companies, clergy and elder care attorneys, etc., who support the health care industry and who qualify for certification.

NCCDP developed Dementia specific curriculums designed specifically for each industry such as Health Care, First Responder and Correctional Staff.

A healthcare professional and supporting industry staff works in the following professions, Educators, Instructors, Presenters, Pharmacists, Physicians, Nursing Professionals, Social Services Practitioners, Administrators, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Therapeutic Recreation, Activities, Personal Care Assistants, Geriatric Home Care Aides, Home Care Experts, Companion Caregivers, Nursing Assistants, Personnel Care Aides, Elderly Care Aides, Hospice Aides, Executive Directors, MedTech, Home Healthcare Assistant, Religious Leaders, Nutrition Specialists, Music Therapy Practitioner, Visual Arts Therapist, Massage Specialist, Legal Guardianship, Dental Practitioner, Dental Therapists, Aromatic Therapy Practitioner, Legal Experts Specializing in Eldercare, Frontline Personnel, Consultants, Advisory Professionals for Senior Care, Training Sessions, Educators in Vocational and Academic Settings, Managerial Staff in Senior Care Organizations, Association Personnel, Government employees working in Ombudsman office, Office on Aging, State surveyors and inspectors, etc.

The certifications are open to those who qualify and work in the following healthcare settings, nursing homes, assisted living communities, adult day care, medical facilities, end-of-life care, home-based care, home care agencies, life plan centers, independent living residences, psychiatric institutions, rehabilitation centers, professional organizations, government entities, legal practices, correctional facilities, emergency response agencies, management companies, learning institutions, nursing assistant training, senior advisory firms, and many more.

Specialized curricula and certifications tailored specifically for First Responders and their trainers, as well as Correctional Personnel and their trainers.

NCCDP also offers agency commendations for nursing homes, assisted living with a memory care neighborhood, home care agencies, and hospice agencies specializing in the geriatric population with a diagnosis of Dementia. These are agencies who meet state regulations, exceed state or federal regulations, and have met the survey requirements.

NCCDP offers corporate group discounts (10 or more) for companies that not only invest in their staff‘s ongoing education but also certification.

NCCDP also offers association members a discount for certification, when the association hosts one of our many seminars and certifications.

Attention: Certification serves to enhance and uphold quality standards; however, it does not grant a license, confer particular rights or privileges, or in any other way establish the qualifications of individuals in the healthcare field.