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Cameo Rogers headshot

CADDCT Spotlight: Cameo Rogers

Cameo and her social work colleagues facilitate sessions on problem-solving, empathy and communication, and triggers for behavioral expressions. Using positive re-framing, she has also created
Primrose Team

Primrose Retirement Communities Partners with NCCDP to Train Teams Across 34 Communities

"Primrose is committed to doing things the right way, putting the residents at the center of our efforts."
Elderly Woman in care facility

Person-Centered Care in Senior Living and Memory Care Neighborhoods

Person-centered care represents a paradigm shift in senior living and memory care, prioritizing the dignity, autonomy, and individuality of each resident.
Elderly Woman with helper

Delirium and Older Adults with Dementia: A Critical Intersection in Geriatric Care

Delirium and dementia frequently coexist in older adults, creating a complex and challenging clinical scenario. By understanding the interplay between these conditions, healthcare providers can
Mixed Pile of Pills

Improving Dementia Care by Reducing Unnecessary Antipsychotic Medications

Recent studies emphasize the importance of reducing unnecessary antipsychotic prescriptions to enhance patient outcomes and safety. This article explores these risks, reviews current usage patterns,
Elderly people suffering from mental disability and caregiver in nursing home

What You Need To Know About Memory Care Training

Memory care training equips caregivers with specialized skills to effectively support individuals experiencing memory loss due to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. This training is

Friendly volunteer giving cup of tea to happy senior woman in nursing home

What Is A Personal Care Aide And What Do They Do?

A personal care aidestands by to offer much-needed assistance to those navigating the daily challenges presented by age, illness, or disability. These skilled professionals provide

Elderly people suffering from mental disability and caregiver in nursing home

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming Memory Care Specialist

Becoming a memory care specialist involves more than basic caregiving skills; it requires a deep understanding of memory disorders and specialized techniques to manage them.

Bad news, support and nurse with a senior patient sitting on a sofa in her office at the hospital. Sad, upset and elderly woman with comfort from healthcare employee after medical diagnosis at clinic

How To Become A PCA: Skill & Education Requirements

Embarking on the journey to become a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) means stepping into a role that is as rewarding as it is challenging. It

I can always depend on you. a female nurse with her senior patient

Home Health Aide Requirements And How To Meet Them

Becoming a home health aide comes with a list of home health aide requirements that might seem overwhelming at first glance. But when you break

Medical student with her classmates in college

Here’s Why Assisted Living Staff Training Is Important

Assisted living staff training is key for maintaining high standards of care within facilities catering to elderly residents. Proper training ensures that staff are equipped

Female Care Worker In Uniform Bringing Meal On Tray To Senior Woman Sitting In Lounge At Home

Direct Care Worker: Responsibilities And How To Become One

A direct care worker plays a huge role in healthcare, providing essential daily care and support to patients, particularly in settings like residential homes and