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Celebrating Our Members!

We always strive to provide you with the highest standard of dementia education, and we couldn't have done it without your support. You guys are
The Connection Between Aphasia and Dementia, Treatment Approaches

The Connection Between Aphasia and Dementia: Treatment Approaches

The connection between aphasia and dementia is complex and multifaceted. Understanding this connection is crucial for developing effective treatment approaches.
Caring for Veterans with Dementia, Insights from Recent Research

Caring for Veterans with Dementia: Insights from Recent Research

By incorporating the strategies within this blog, caregivers can provide comprehensive and compassionate care, improving the quality of life for veterans with dementia.
Frontotemporal Dementia

Frontotemporal Dementia vs. Alzheimer’s Disease: Understanding the Differences and Implications for Patients

Frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer’s disease present with distinct clinical features, underlying pathophysiology, and management strategies. Accurate diagnosis, combined with tailored treatment, is essential for optimizing
Michelle Kimzey PhD Nursing Director of Rethinking Dementia

TCU Partners with NCCDP to Bring Dementia Curriculum to Students and Community

Rethinking Dementia is a center at TCU founded by Michelle Kimzey. “Students want to do more, they want to do research and put what they
CADDCTs Ann Patterson & Stacey Young of Broadmead

Broadmead is Committed to Education – Providing CDP Training to All Staff From the CEO to the Interns

After an 18-month consultation with Johns Hopkins, education became a key facet for Broadmead. This led to creating the Center for Excellence in Dementia Care

Geriatric Anxiety: Recognizing, Diagnosing, and Treatment

Geriatric anxiety is a prevalent and impactful condition that requires careful recognition, accurate diagnosis, and comprehensive treatment.

Montessori Activities for Persons Living with Dementia in Memory Care Neighborhoods

Montessori activities offer a compassionate and effective approach to enhancing the lives of individuals with dementia in memory care communities.
Patients dancing/holding hands

What Are Four Common Behaviors That People with Dementia Often Exhibit?

Understanding the common behaviors associated with dementia is crucial for providing effective care and improving the quality of life for individuals affected by this condition.
Staff and Patient at desk writing

The Four R’s of Dementia Care: A Guide for Caregivers

The Four R's of Dementia Care—Reassure, Routine, Reminisce, and Redirect—provide a practical and compassionate framework for caregivers.
Staff, Patients, and Family around a table

Six Strategies for Caregivers: Supporting Persons Living with Dementia

Caring for someone living with dementia is a challenging yet rewarding responsibility. Effective support can significantly improve the quality of life for both the person
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Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

At NCCDP, we strive to make a positive change in dementia care and education. Every one of you, our members, help us make that change