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March 2024 Newsletter

Happy Social Work Month!

The contributions of geriatric social workers date back more than a century! Our current demographics with the population of elders growing worldwide creates the demand for even more social workers to choose the geriatric field. The number of older people here in the U.S. is becoming more diverse and their needs are also becoming more complex with issues not only related to health, mental health, and financial concerns, but housing and food insecurities are more of an issue now, as well as addictions, and the myriad of other disparities that are all interconnected. Importantly, as dementia cases grow exponentially, it is imperative to understand and have support regarding the impact dementia has in the entire elder care sphere of caregiving.

Geriatric social workers are navigators for their clients, helping to map the way to core resources and services (financial and health related) as well as providing psychosocial, spiritual, and emotional support to clients and their families. More specifically, the social worker’s role in dementia care is not only as a clinician, but an educator. Dementia brings the opportunity for a significant platform for the geriatric social worker. Dementia requires both patient and family education. The social worker is the paramount professional to discuss concerns of long-term care planning, feelings of guilt, anger, frustration, fear, and despair with both patient and caregiver/family. A major part of navigating the dementia care experience is to have the education to understand the various stages of dementia, the care needs that will arise, the challenges and the strategies to deal with the simplest need to the most complex.

NCCDP’s dementia education and certification has been a major resource tool for the geriatric social worker for the past 21 years. Social workers have become NCCDP certified trainers to enhance their role as a significant resource to organizations, patients and families living with dementia. It is well known that social workers wear many hats, but when it comes to geriatric social work, being a certified professional in dementia care is paramount. Enhance the quality of lives of others by enhancing your skills and resources. Consider becoming a certified dementia care practitioner as well as a certified trainer.

Best Regards,

Lynn Biot-Gordon, MSW, CDP, CADDCT


Spotlight On: Ty Lewis

NCCDP is honored to feature Ty, one of our CADDCTs! Ty is truly a remarkable instructor, advocate, and person!

Ty is an advocate, sought-after educator, trainer, and Certified Dementia Practitioner. Her unique teaching style, personality, passion, relatable content, and expertise in this field allows her to teach families how to implement research-based strategies to conquer the diagnosis of Dementia.

Ty has teamed up with her mom, Gertrude on their Instagram Page to create content that helps shed light on the reality of Dementia, dispel myths, and raise awareness about the impact on families diagnosed with Dementia. They have partnered with brands such as Janssen Global, ParentGiving, Carewell, Pivotal Ventures, Joe and Bella, Silverts, OnStar, and NavigAid to spread awareness and introduce useful products to families and caregivers that have been impacted by Dementia.

Ty’s motto is, “You’ve got this! You’re going to beat this,” and her goal is to convince every family that there is joy in the journey after a diagnosis.

In her spare time, Ty enjoys cooking, reading, walking on the beach and having fun with her family.

Dementia Care: Until All Have Heard

Sitting in the doctor’s office in 2014 and hearing, “Your mother has Alzheimer’s,” changed my life. I watched my mother shed tears as she sat with uncertainty about the security of her future. As a child, it broke me; as a woman, it shaped me; and as a future caregiver to my mother, the diagnosis challenged me.

This wasn’t a random choice. As I walk this journey, I see it as a calling to serve. Many may find this path daunting, but I find a deep-seated passion and a sense of purpose every day. It’s challenging and exhausting, but I wouldn’t change anything.

I witnessed firsthand the impact of dementia while caring for my mother. I experienced the complexities and emotional turmoil, and I knew others had to share the same sentiment if I felt this way. After joining various support groups and feeling the weight of gloom and doom of the groups, I decided to create a page dedicated to my mother to document our journey and show people that a diagnosis doesn’t mean the end of life.

Shortly after, I became a Certifed Dementia Practitioner. The vulnerability of individuals with dementia, coupled with their unique needs, drew me into a world where compassion, patience, servanthood, empathy, grace, and, most importantly, love are paramount.

I often tell people that dementia is not just about memory decline but more about our loved ones losing the ability to perform everyday activities.

I felt drawn to the field not just because of my mother’s diagnosis but also because of my love for advocacy and educational background. I am a certified special education teacher, reading specialist, Assistive Technology Specialist, and Special Education Advocate. Working with Mommy allowed me to use my background to give her the excellent care she needs on this journey.

I know that every individual with dementia has a story, a personality, and a life lived before the diagnosis. I want to ensure that individuals with dementia receive the respect, dignity, and quality of life they deserve. I also want to ensure that others are aware of the misconceptions and that caregivers are equipped to walk this journey with the tools they need for their loved ones to be successful. If I could use my platform to amplify my voice and tell our story, others would feel heard, too.

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons I feel drawn to dementia care is that I get to witness the vulnerability, strength, courage, faith, resilience, and pure love of the human spirit. For me, it’s demanding yet rewarding. I’m thankful for this journey. It has so many rewards. Many may despise their situation, but I see it as an opportunity to walk alongside others as they face the same challenges as me.

Being a caregiver, advocate, educator, and content creator gives me the space to show others how to serve well, love well, and be well. The deep sense of purpose and fulfillment derived from caring for my mother and others continues to give me the strength to do the work until all have heard.

– Ty



Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care (ADDC) Seminar:

April 24, 2024- 7:30 AM- 7:30 PM CENTRAL TIME

April 25, 2024- 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM CENTRAL TIME

Interested in taking the next step in your career and become certified to teach our nationally recognized Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care seminar? This seminar is a requirement to apply for the Certified Dementia Practitioner certification. Additionally, the Certified Dementia Care Manager certification is designed for those who oversee a dementia unit. By taking this course, you can make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by cognitive decline. Join our next CADDCT/CDCM combo class and become a certified professional in dementia care!

Welcome, Robin Walters!

LPN, CDP, CADDCT, CMDCP, CMDCPT, APC, CPCHCP Owner and CEO Dementia Knowledge Network

Please join us in welcoming Robin Walters, LPN, CDP, CADDCT, CMDCP, CMDCPT, APC, CPCHCP as the newest Vice President of Corporate Training! NCCDP is thrilled to welcome Robin to the team!

With over two decades of dedicated service in the long-term care industry, Robin Walters brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Dementia Knowledge Network LLC. As a Licensed Practical Nurse, her hands-on experience has been the foundation of her deep understanding of dementia care. Robin’s commitment to excellence is evident in her extensive certifications: she is a Certified Dementia Practitioner, a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer, and a Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional. Moreover, she holds the distinction of being a Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional Trainer, an Activity Professional Certified, and a Certified Personal Care and Home Care Professional.

In her previous roles, Robin honed her skills in clinical consulting, specializing in memory care compliance. Her focus on regulatory compliance programs and survey turnarounds has made her a sought-after expert in the field. Beyond her consulting work, Robin has a passion for education. She has facilitated numerous training sessions, both online and in-person, ensuring that caregivers and professionals alike have access to the latest knowledge and best practices in dementia care. As a motivational educational speaker, Robin inspires her audience, emphasizing the importance of compassionate and informed care.

At Dementia Knowledge Network, Robin’s vision is clear: to provide a comprehensive platform where expertise meets empathy, ensuring that every individual touched by dementia receives the best care possible.



Please join us and our guest speaker, VP of Corporate Training Danielle Micale, CDP, CADDCT for this virtual interactive session!

Danielle will share her experience as both a personal and professional caregiver. She will explore the statistics and consequences of accepting the role of caregiver, both personally and professionally. Strategies will be reviewed to better address and manage the responsibilities, while discussing specific tools in managing stress levels. Just in time for Stress Awareness Month!

  • Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2024
  • Time: Eastern Time 12:00pm – 1:30pm
  • Location: Live-Online (Zoom login provided in registration confirmation email)
  • Price: $35.00
  • CEU’s: 1.5 hours approved for NCCDP certification renewals

Upcoming Seminars:

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care (ADDC) Seminar:

Thursday, March 21: ONLINE- Pacific Time Click HERE To Register!

Thursday, April 11: ONLINE- Eastern Time Click HERE To Register!

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Montessori Concepts in Dementia Care Seminar:

Tuesday, April 9: ONLINE- Eastern Time Click HERE To Register!

Thursday, August 8: ONLINE- Eastern Time Click HERE To Register!

Tuesday, November 12: ONLINE- Eastern Time Click HERE To Register!

Upcoming Conferences Featuring NCCDP:

Tuesday, April 2nd

Southern Gerontological Society Conference


the Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Seminar & the Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer Seminar

Presented In-Person at Greenville, South Carolina

Tuesday April 16th

National Association of Activity Professionals hosts the Montessori Concept in Dementia Care Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional Trainer program.

Presented In-Person Bloomington, MN

Interested in Certification?

Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer (CADDCT)

As a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer (CADDCT®), you will be certified to present our comprehensive Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care (ADDC) curriculum to professionals across multiple industries within the geriatric healthcare industry.

Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP)

This certification is open to all healthcare professionals, front-line staff, clergy, and other medical professionals who work in and around the geriatric healthcare industry and have at least one full year of paid experience.

Healthcare Observances:

National Nutrition Month Brain Injury Awareness Month

Healthcare Social Worker Month

Music Therapy Month


Healthcare HR Professionals Week- March 11-15th, 2024

Brain Awareness Week- March 11-17th, 2024

Patient Safety Awareness Week- March 10-16th, 2024


March 13, 2024- Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day

March 19th, 2024- Certified Nurses Day

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