Reducing Turnover in Senior Living Communities

Learn more about how CDP Trained Staff reduces turnover in Senior Living Communities.


Hiring and retaining staff is one of the leading challenges in Senior Living Communities. NCCDP has proven that investing in staff training can not only reduce staff turnover, but increase quality of care and create more loyal, confident, and dedicated team members!

The Facts

A recent report from PHI National @PHInational found that facilities with contract nursing have more than doubled in the five-year span of the study.  Furthermore, they concluded that Contract CNA staff was associated with worse care quality outcomes.

Figure 1: U.S. Nursing Homes Using Contract CNAs vs. Not Using Contract CNAs, by Year, 2017-2022

The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), representing more than 4,000 assisted living communities across the country, released a survey of assisted living providers highlighting how the industry is still facing a serious staffing and economic crisis.   Key findings include:

  • 87% of assisted living providers are having trouble hiring new staff.
  • More than half (52%) of assisted living providers say their overall workforce situation has worsened since January 2022. 
  • 63% are experiencing staffing shortages. A quarter of those assisted living providers say they have a high level of staffing shortages. 

NCCDP Survey Data

In a nationwide well-designed survey of CDP’s and senior living facility leadership, NCCDP quantified the impact of CDP’s on senior living organizations.  Overall, having CDP trained staff reduces turnover, increases job satisfaction, and improves quality.

How Leaders report CDP trained staff performance

  • 79% of facility leaders report CDPs have better job performance than their non-trained colleagues.
  • 58% of facility leaders report CDPs are more likely to stay in their job.
  • 62% of facility leaders report CDPs have higher job satisfaction.
  • 87% of facility leaders report having a workforce with CDP certified providers positively impacts the quality and reputation of their organization.

How CDPs report their performance:

  • 85% of active CDP’s surveyed feel better equipped to perform their job after CDP certification.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) among active CDPs surveyed is 59% – reflecting better company loyalty, satisfaction, and enthusiasm for their company. (industry benchmark is 34%)


CDP Dementia trained staff have more job satisfaction and loyalty to their companies. They feel more confident in their roles. Leaders report that CDP-trained staff have better job performance than their non-trained colleagues. These factors contribute to less staff turnover, better-performing employees, and higher standards of care for senior living communities.

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