Certified Dementia Care Manager® Seminar

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This is a two part seminar (Part 1& Part 2)

The CDCM® class isrecommended for managers and supervisors whoprovide direct supervision over anAlzheimer's Disease and dementia unit's day to day operations. To qualify for the CDCM® and CADDCT class you must have a 4 year degree ORare an RN/LPN/LVN. You must have a license or certification in a health care profession, you must have presented an in-service or a seminar (not necessarily one you created but one you presented) and you must have number of years experience working in a health care setting. For the CDCM® portion of the application, you must have at minimumone year over seeing a dementia unit / Alzheimer's Disease Unit or Special Care Unit. This seminar is for Dementia Unit Managers working in Assisted Living, Nursing Homes or similar settings that have locked units.

Part 1 is the CADDCT class and is taught live. Part 2 is a 3 hourconference call that will take place within7 days of the CADDCT class. We will make every effort to conduct the conference call at a time that is convenient tothe studentduring normal work hours, EST.

Upon completion of the two day seminar, the student will be an NCCDP Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Certified Trainer, Certified as a Certified Dementia Practitioner® CDP® and Certified Dementia Care Manager CDCM®.

Dates and Locations are listed on the CADDCT registration forms: Students must take both the CADDCT seminar and the CDCM seminar.

Each student will receive forthe CADDCT seminar which is part 1: Master hand out notebook, overhead copy (note format), power point on jump drive,DVD on Sexuality, text books, pre test and post test for employees, marketing information, CEU information, sample brochure, sample sign in sheet, sample certificate.

1st Day Part 1: 7:30A.M. to 8:00 P.M. CADDCT is taught live by NCCDP Corporate staff.

Students will review the following modules:
Introduction to dementia, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment, Communication, Feelings, Depression, Repetitive Behaviors, Paranoia, Hallucinations, Wandering, Hoarding, Aggressive Behaviors, Catastrophic Reactions, Intimacy, Sexuality, Personal Care, Pain, Bathing, Dressing, Toileting, Nutrition, Activities, Environment, Staff and Family Support, Diversity and Cultural Competence, Spiritual Care and End of Life Issues.

Evening Portion of the CADDCT Seminar. Students will be provided with a sample brochure, sample sign in sheet, sample certificate, marketing tips, presentation tips, CEU information, where to obtain databases.

Part 2: CDCM® seminar:3 Hour Conference Call that will be arranged within 7 days of the CADDCT class. Conducted during business hours, EST. Students will be provided with CDCM Manual -Alzheimer's and dementia Unit policy and procedures manual which includes but not limited to; review of key aspects of the dementia units, dementia unit best practices, recommendations for dementia unit managerjob descriptions, wandering committee guidelines, etc.

Once you send in your paper work, you will receive a confirmation packet with two home work assignments which is a sample brochure and sample certificate to bring to class. Additionally you will receive a license agreement and a instructor agreement that will require a notary to sign as well as your signature. If you have any questions regarding the agreements, please contact the NCCDP office.

The Alzheimer's Disease and dementia policy and procedure manual / CDCM® manualmay not be copied or distributed in any format. The power point may not be copied or distributed in any format. The over head notes may not be copied nor distributed in any format. As a Trainer, you will be required to provide all students a copy of the Hand Out Notebook.