Continuing Education Opportunites for NCCDP members.

bullet NCCDP Online Learning powered by NetCE - our preferred partner for Continuing Education Credits. Go to NetCE to obtain your CEUs.

bullet NCCDP will award credit for our members participation in CMS MLN Connects™ National Provider Calls.  “MLN Connects™ National Provider Calls are educational conference calls that help health care professionals and others in the health care field stay informed about and better understand Medicare policies and changes to the program that may impact their daily business functions. This is a free service. For more information about MLN Connects™ National Provider Calls, visit,

bullet CEU Help

bullet Obtaining Provider Approval

bullet Body of Knowledge

bullet CEU Course Approval Application


bullet NetCE

bullet Conferences hosting NCCDP seminars

bullet Other CEU Options

bullet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Free CE's, add your name to mailing list for notification of course dates

bullet MLN Connects® National Provider Calls (MLN Connects Calls)



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