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"You cannot afford to wait to send your educator or in-service director to NCCDP CADDCT seminar."


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bullet Top 10 Reasons To Join Our Organization as a... CDP Certified Dementia Practitioner, CDCM Certified Dementia Care Manager, CADDCT Certified Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia Care Trainer, Associate Member or Corporate Member, CPCHCP Certified Personal Care Home Care Professional, CFRDT Certified First Responder Dementia Trainer, CFR-DT Certified First Responder-Dementia Trained, CDSGF Certified Dementia Support Group Facilitator, CCPDT Certified Corrections Personnel Dementia Trainer and CDTCP Certified Dementia Trained Corrections Personnel.
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bullet ADDC seminars presented by NCCDP corporate staff - register online
bullet ADDC seminars presented by NCCDP approved and certified CADDCT trainers. See the calendar for dates and locations. Here you will register directly with the trainer.
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Congratulations to the following agencies, companies, associations for investing in your staff’s education and certification!
Congratulations to the following agencies, companies, associations and learning institutions for investing in your staff education and providing the comprehensive ADDC Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Care seminar and certification as CDP Certified Dementia Practitioner,¬† CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care¬†Trainer CADDCT class, CDCM Certified Dementia Care Manager (Dementia Unit Manager) class! Your dedication to your employees and or members is evident and speaks loudly to your commitment to providing quality and compassionate care to elder population. Congratulations! 


bullet Become a CCPDT Certified Correctional Personnel Dementia Trainer.
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NCCDP Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Care Staff Education Week February 14th-21st

bulletDownload complimentary staff in-services that include the Power Point curriculum, handouts and pretest and posttest and answers. New topics added yearly. A tool kit is provided. For certified, associate and corporate members only. Available November 1st to March 15th. For certified, associate, and corporate members only. Non-members may purchase each in-service at the NCCDP Market Place.



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Notice: While certification promotes and maintains quality, it does not license, confer a right or privilege upon or otherwise define the qualifications of anyone in the healthcare field